harrietfair-homeJuly 2015 ● How Do You Pay a Fair Price? – I probably don’t need to tell you to do research and ask questions of your real estate agent before you make an offer. Try to get the following information: Research Recently Sold, Comparable Properties, Check Out Comparable Properties That Are Currently on the Market, Look at Comparables That Were on the Market Recently but Didn’t Sell. Read More by Harriet Murray

VIEWPOINT-02-HOMEJune 2015 ● Private Property – A country’s relationship to its land is shaped by its culture and it’s past.  Mexico’s view of land and ownership is distinct from its two neighbors in North America: Canada and the USA. In Mexico, there is a strong tradition of passing on the family property to heirs.  Property is not a commodity, it is a legacy. Read More by Harriet Murray

Viewpoint - HomeJanuary 2015 ● What is Our Real Estate Market in The Bay of Banderas for 2015? – We have ended 2014 with expectations for a better New Year than in years past. We see increased interest in renting, buying and retiring in Mexico. Our current visibility to the world is more positive than not. With the peso at 15 compared to the US dollar, we see increased sales of exports and more tourism. The economy of Mexico is stronger than this current peso rate to the dollar really shows. Read More by Harriet Murray

October 2014 ● Strategy and Supply in a Changing Market – This letter was sent to a seller who needed to evaluate the position of his property in the Vallarta market at this period in time. Read More by Harriet Murray

viewpoint-homeSeptember 2014 ● Real Estate Health and Tax Reform – Since the final version of the tax reform was approved by the Mexican Senate on Oct 31, 2013, Mexico has been on a fast track. The Mexican GDP growth declined in 2013 to .7 percent. In a global economy, this is may be a glimpse of the world as will know it in the future. Mexico was impacted by slowdowns in construction materials and service industries, in large part due to stalled economy of the US. Read More by Harriet Murray

viewpoint-homeAugust 2014 ● Marketing of Real Estate – Prior to listing the property, the listing agent should evaluate the comparable sales pertinent to the real estate he/she is proposing to market. Important considerations to help find a buyer for the property include analysis of: actual sales prices, asking prices, condition of properties, the qualities of the neighborhood and the community where the real estate is located. Read More by Harriet Murray

viepoint-homeJuly 2014 ● A Look Back at the Housing Bubble Real Estate Markets – George Soros is a well-known Canadian businessman. He is a speculator. In 1992 he forced the British to crash and made a billion dollars. From his perspective, self-regulating forces in the free market don’t work. Financial markets tend towards excess. They work more like a wrecking ball than a pendulum. Read More by Harriet Murray

viewpoint-homeJune 2014 ● Promoting Mexican Real Estate Worldwide – It has been five years since I have made a presentation on Mexico to my FIABCI members. The group is a business network of real estate professionals from around the world. This year we met in Luxembourg for 6 full days of seminars, lectures, field trips, and networking. Every conference allows some time for participants to make short presentations on the properties they have for sale. About 40 people on average attend each session. Read More


May 2014 ● So What is The New Capital Gains Tax Issue About? – Since last year, 2013, when the President of Mexico and Congress accomplished sweeping fiscal reform, we have had a change in determination of capital gains. A mainstay of the current policy is to collect taxes from a broader base, with fewer loopholes or policies for non-payment or exemptions. Read More

viewpoint-homeApril 2014 ● Some Thoughts on the Future of the US Dollar and Pricing of Mexican Properties Throughout in Mexican PesosMost of the time, foreign sellers of Mexican real estate do not realize that for purposes of a sale and establishment of capital gains tax, the property will be evaluated totally in Mexican national currency. Why wouldn’t this be the case? Buying in US dollars has been for the benefit of the buyer and seller. The property is Mexican and the government and all national entities will record the transaction in the peso’s value of the exchange with US Dollars on the date of the sales transaction. Read more

viewpoint-homeMarch 2014 ● Fiscal Residency in MexicoThe law for establishment of fiscal residency in Mexico has been recently clarified for foreigners and nationals. The law has not changed, but the interpretation of how to enforce it has. The current procedures for applying for and receiving an exemption amount of approximately 250,000usd per person are for residential real estate declared as your primary residence. Read more

viewpoint-homeFebruary 2014 ● Pre-And New Construction Projects in MexicoPreconstruction sales of condos or homes can be very enticing if you are given an incentive to buy before there is anything built. If the developer says you can get a preconstruction price equal to a 30% or 50% discount from what the price will be later. Wow! Read more by Hariet Murray

viewpoint-homeJanuary 2014 ● When Latent Defects Are Discovered in a Real Estate TransactionLatent defects are flaws or problems with a property that an informed buyer should know about in order to make an informed decision to buy or pass on a property. A premise in general law is the sale of property includes caveat emptor or “buyer beware’’. Read more by Hariet Murray

viewpoint-homeDecember 2013 ● Agents Handling Real Estate ObjectionsMr. Seller, did you ask the agent before me to cut her commission, or did she offer? How long did it take to get to this subject in your discussion? If she will give her commission away that quickly, how quickly will she give away your money to a buyer for the price of your home? Do you want that same person negotiating your money when she gave hers away so quickly? Read more

viewpoint-homeNovember 2013 ● Wish I Had Said That… Questions and AnswersHow fast can you sell my home? I need your permission to sell your home quickly. I am really between a ‘’rock and a hard place.’’ If I bring in a buyer tomorrow, you might get upset thinking we put the price too low, and you should wait for better offer. If it takes 6 months or longer to bring in the buyer, you may get upset because it took too long. Read more

viewpoint_homeOctober 2013 ● Is Growth of The Mexican Middle Class Possible in The Current Economy?The question frequently comes up in a discussion of the Mexican economy: Is the Mexican National middle class growing? Are they able to buy homes, cars, and raise their standard of living? I believe there is the potential to increase and stabilize a middle class if the educational and fiscal reforms promoted by President Peña Nieto come through and continue. Read more

viewpoint_homeSeptember 2013 ● The Man Will Make Money Who Invents A Better Mouse Trap – INDEX OF TRENDS IN HOME SALESA general truism in real estate is the best indicator of house pricing is current homes sales.I have discovered recently how much more sophisticated this analysis has become since I first got into the business. Read more

viewpoint_homeAugust 2013 ● For Canadians Buying a Home in Mexico with a Mexican Mortgage – A visa is a requirement for lending banks and mortgage approval.  Lenders want clients to have a connection to Mexico beyond purchasing a property. They believe that by having a connection to Mexico, the client is less likely to default on the loan, and the bank is more protected.  These banks believe having migratory status is a sufficient connection to Mexico. Read more

viewpoint_homeJuly 2013 ● San Sebastian, Jalisco – A Welcome Mountain Retreat from the Puerto Vallarta SummerSan Sebastian was founded 500 years ago by five families from Spain. Mining silver was their main objective and they and the town prospered.  Now- yellowed photos in the tiny museum show photos of children wearing lace clothes suitable for any royal court in Europe at the time. Read more

viewpoint_homeJune 2013 ● What is the Commercial Real Estate Business like in Puerto Vallarta? – Recently the real estate agents in Ampi Vallarta held their monthly meeting in Fluvial. One of the topics to discuss was the current real estate market.  In general, the agents agreed that there is more sales activity for residential, particularly condos. Prices are not back to prior years from 2009 and earlier. Some areas, however; have experienced higher prices per meter from the lows of 2010-2011. Read more

viewpoint_homeMay 2013 ● Good Neighbors Mexico, Canada, USA – A Perspective from Michael Barone – I was impressed with this take on “Neighbors” since I am an American living and working in Mexico, selling real estate to citizens of these North American Countries. The United States has land borders with just two nations, Canada and Mexico Read more

viewpoint_aprilhomeApril 2013 ● Mexican Financial Growth and the US Housing EconomySome writers in Mexico have recently stated that the Mexican real estate market will recover as the US housing market rebounds. Is this True? Mexico is growing its economy and trading heavily with the United States, according to Mario Laborín Gómez, chairman and CEO of ABC Capital. Read more

viewpoint_homeMarch 2013 ● Mexico’s economy in 2012 – Real Estate activity for the beginning of 2013According to the Associated Press, The Mexican economy grew 3.9 percent last year, exceeding government forecasts for Latin America’s second biggest economy. The country had posted similar growth in 2011, and the government had forecast a rise of 3.5 percent for 2012. Read more

viewpoint_homeFebruary 2013 ● Changing Demographics of Expats in MexicoWe are continuing to experience a buyer market in the Bay of Banderas. Foreigners and nationals are buying homes and condos, but they are paying less than 4 years prior. Sold condos at prices under 300,000sd are more prevalent, although there are some exceptions. Read more

viewpoint_homeJanuary 2013 ● A discovery about the famous US Baby Boomer generation… will they be able to buy retirement homes?US credit writer Roman Shteynhas discovered some little-known facts about our baby boomer generation. Baby boomers are the first generation in American history to be entering retirement saddled with debt, including unpaid balances on credit cards.  “Experts” who predicted the lifestyle patterns and retirement for baby boomers, were not aware of the debit they have accumulated. Read Article

harriet_homeDecember 2012 ● Anti-Laundering Banking Laws Change How Mexico Handles Real Estate TransactionsRecently Lic. Fernando Castro from the office of Notary 5, met with the Bay of Banderas Ampi chapters to update their members on recent bank anti-laundering laws. According to Lic. Fernando, the Mexican government is taking a pro-active role in gathering information by requiring the co-operation from real estate agents and notaries to identify sources of money which their clients use to purchase Mexican real estate. Read Article

ViewpointNovember 2012 ● Brand or Commodity? Mexican Real Estate in 2012Branding is not an easy task. We have a better chance of success if we are able to create a meaningful differentiation of the product or service we want to brand. We want to create a brand, as it moves the focus away from price and into an emotional response from the buyer. Read Article

ViewpointOctober 2012 ● A Breath of Fresh Air – The “Washington Post” severla months ago reported on the rapidly groing middle class in Mexico which is fast becoming the country’s largest demographic. The shift is a welcome addition to the gap between the rich and poor in Mexico.The strength of Mexico’s middle class is evident in the growing popularity of Wal-Mart’s and Costco’s throughout the countryRead the article

ViewpointSeptember 2012 ● Realtors NightmaresAll realtors and real estate agents will tell you that having their market implode from a natural disaster, negative publicity, or an epidemic of disease or illness is about as bad as you can get. For the first time in my 30 plus years of real estate, the 2007 meltdown of financial institutions in the USA and the reporting of a flu epidemic in Mexico were two events as bad as I have ever experienced. Read Article

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