restaurante-homeFebruary 2014 ● Melissa’s Restaurant… “Good Friends”, “Good Food” and “Good Times”! – In downtown Puerto Vallarta, among the comings and goings of a tourist destination that greets the arrivals of millions of international visitors every year; where there is also a community of foreign residents that already are “like locals”; is very easy not realize a place that, despite the growth and progress, still maintains and shares –through the culinary experience– the warmest “vallartense” quality, and the authentic and kindest hospitality, due to which our resort is known as “the world’s friendliest city”! Read more 

palomas-homeJanuary 2013 ● Las Plomas Icon in Mexican Cusine in New LocationFounded on April 5, 1979 by Nelly Galvan Duque, the Restaurant Las Palomas now located in Nima Bay of Marina Vallarta, is an emblem of Puerto Vallarta that offers locals and international visitors the authentic taste of Mexican cuisine. Read more

zarandeado-homeAugust 2012 ● Zarandeado Fish… A Colorful, Flavorful Regional TraditionMexico is a country recognized for its impressive colorfulness as well as its dramatic variety of flavors! Countless are the traditional recipes that every region of our exuberant territory has to offer to the world, and among them there is one whose reputation has extended its reputation beyond our borders, as one of the most exquisite delights of the sea born on our Pacific Coast: zarandeado fish! Read more

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