March 2013 ● Tao Ceremony in Terra Noble

By Flor Uribe ● March 2013

It is a ceremony to receive the three treasures of the Tao. 600 Years ago they were given to emperors and kings for their spiritual growth.

taos_1Taiwan Monks are visiting Puerto Vallarta and teaching us their TAO philosophy that promotes a better kind of living in harmony, peace and love. They will be in Terra Noble Spa on March 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

The ceremony will be led by Taoist Master Hsu of Taiwan and a group of monks of Malaysia. HSU Master is one of the six teachers that currently exist in the world and taught these teachings and this moving ceremony, according to the Millennial Taoist tradition.

In this Fire Ceremony, we will have a better understanding of the messages that teachers gave us through various religions that were borned from Tao, from God,… Like for example, messages from Jesus Christ.

The TAO you receive from this ceremony, marks the direction. It is the path that has been lit for you.

Flor Uribe

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