skin_homeOctober 2013 ● How to beware of the Sun – Skin and sunscreensPresent society considers a tanned skin healthy a sign of wellness. Sun tanning is socially accepted and fashion calls for the beauty of a good suntan. However, our skin’s expositions to sunlight has important beneficial effects as well as some unwanted ones when we do not take some timely precautions. History shows us how, dating back to the XVIII and XIX centuries women protected their skin with umbrellas and hats. Read more

mango_homeSeptember 2013 ● What is the Most Popular Fruit in the World?It’s probably safe to say, that when asked which fruit is the most popular fruit in the world, the majority of Americans and Canadians would respond with apples or bananas. To the astonishment of most North Americans, mangoes are consumed worldwide by a factor of three to one over bananas and ten to one over apples. Read more

sunset_homeAugust 2013 ● Have You Seen Puerto Vallarta’s Green Flashes? – Perhaps you’re among those fortunate enough to have witnessed a green flash at the instant the sun sets; however for most, they’ve only heard of the phenomenon. One such area for viewing the green flashes is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. According to most physicists, green flashes involve physical optics as well as physiological optics. Read more

arcos_homeJuly 2013 ● Los ArcosIn the beginning, before there were any settlements here, when this place now known as Puerto Vallarta was only a mule-convoy stopover for the transfer of goods among the region’s hamlets, this place was referred to as Las Peñas. Las Peñas, The Rocks, refer to the rock formations right next to the lush cove of Mismaloya Beach. Read more

mushrooms_homeMay 2013 ● Mushrooms – Flowers of the EarthMushrooms have been represented in traditional Mexican cooking for many many years from modest quesadillas via traditional soups up to the most sophisticated delicacies. The general knowledge that we have about mushrooms precisely relates to this culinary custom even though they also arouse curiosity when we think about their use in some ceremonial practices in certain religions where hallucinogenic mushrooms have received honor and adoration in some countries of the worldRead more

taos_homeMarch 2013 ● Tao Ceremony in Terra Noble –  It is a ceremony to receive the three treasures of the Tao. 600 Years ago they were given to emperors and kings for their spiritual growth. Taiwan Monks are visiting Puerto Vallarta and teaching us their TAO philosophy that promotes a better kind of living in harmony, peace and love. Read more

terra_homeMarch 2013 ● Terra Noble Spring EquinoxThis March 21st at 9:30 AM, Terra Noble surrounded by an ecological reserve called “Agua Azul”, invites you to celebrate with us the Spring Equinox Our traditional Anniversary Event!. Read the Program by Terra Noble

whales_homeDecember 2012 – The Song of The Whales!Every winter, humpback whales offer us unforgettable experiences. But outside of those little moments when we observe a sea of dark secrets surrounding them, while they spend their lives underwater, humans try to understand. One of the most enigmatic secrets is in their songs, which intrigue us even today. Read Article

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