February 2013 ● February Explodes with Tourism, Perfect Weather and Great Fishing

By Stan Gabruk • Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and tackle • February, 2013

Bobby Ross, 8 hrs, Marietta Islands

Bobby Ross, 8 hrs, Marietta Islands

As we enter February we welcome the retired Canadians and Americans back to Puerto Vallarta. In fact we call Puerto Vallarta ¨Puerto Viagra¨ come this time of the year with all the white haired visitors. But that doesn´t mean PV is an old folk’s home, just the opposite.

This year we´re seeing a bit of a dip in tourism, but the up side is empty fishing grounds. That´s right folks, you can almost have the whole bay to yourself and there still, strangely enough, summer species like Dorado to 50lbs, Sailfish, even Striped Marlin can be had in this freak fishing season.

Happy Whales in The Bay

Happy Whales in The Bay

Whales are also in the bay, but mostly at the Marietta Islands this season. If you want to experience something special make sure you find your way on the water. They tell me seing a Whale Tale is good luck, all I know is it´s a spectacular sight and it  just makes you feel good about nature. The bay is alive as is Puerto Vallarta, make sure you take some time to  make a few new memories!

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