fishing-homeNovember 2013 ● November, High Season, Perfect Weather, Perfect Fishing, Perfect!Now that the days are shorter, air temperatures leveling off around 80 degrees daily. Humidity will remain high-ish, but bearable. And the yearly tourism machine is getting its oil changed as every corner of Puerto Vallarta welcomes High Season back. Smiling faces and days full of activity, it´s a sportsman’s playground here in Puerto Vallarta. Read more


fishing-homeAugust 2013 ●  Monster Yellowfin Tuna, Huge Black Marlin and Dorado on Tap, August Explodes – High Season for Fishing officially is well under way and the machine is ready to start churning out Monster Yellowfin Tuna over 200 lbs at our world famous fishing grounds of Corbeteña and El Banco! Black Marlin upwards of 600 lbs will be common place this month and carry over into September. With the warm waters of summer bait moves into the bay and the general area. Read more


fishing_homeJuly 2013 ● Fishing High Season Explodes in July in Our World Famous Fishing GroundsWith the 4th of July Weekend, summer officially begins in America. Canadians celebrate Canada Day on the 1st of July and most of the Canadian owned restaurants and bars have special meals and drink specials for this day. We also see the return of World Class Fishing the world of professional Sportfishing covets. Read more

fishing_homeJune 2013 ● Summer Begins in June, Tourism Returns, World Class Fishing Explodes – Every year June comes in with a bang. Tourism picks up again after the May Doldrums and of course the humidity feels more like Florida than Puerto Vallarta, welcome to our tropical climate amigos. With the warming air temperatures and humidity comes world class fish like Sailfish, Monster Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado and of course Black and Blue MarlinRead more

fishing_homeMay 2013 ● Fishing ReportWelcome to the beginning of the summer season here in Puerto Vallarta! In these days the sun is a little higher in the sky and lingers a little longer everyday. With these longer days the waters of our world famous fishing grounds increase in both temperature and in current activity with changing current directions which is normal for this time of the year. Read more

April 2013 ● Spring Has Sprung, Summer Species Arrive Early!Well it’s April, spring has sprung, Easter is behind us now and the sun is higher in the sky as the days are a little warmer every day. The humidity is rising noticeably in the direct sun, yet the evenings are alive with life as the cool tropical breezes cool Puerto Vallarta’s night life down from a fever pitch. Read Report

fishing_homeMarch 2013 ● March Explodes with Summer Species Fishing!As we enter March, the peak of winter season tourism here in Puerto Vallarta we find the water temperatures remain high. As a result Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, even Striped Marlin are available at the deep water locations. Read Report

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFebruary 2013 ● February Explodes with Tourism, Perfect Weather and Great FishingAs we enter February we welcome the retired Canadians and Americans back to Puerto Vallarta. In fact we call Puerto Vallarta ¨Puerto Viagra¨ come this time of the year with all the white haired visitors. But that doesn´t mean PV is an old folk’s home, just the opposite. Read more

fishing_homeJanuary 2013 ● Predictable Seasonal Changes, Tourism, High Season Begins! Happy New Year and welcome to the beginning of another High Season with a eye to the future while tourism continues to grow as we experience the perfect weather Puerto Vallarta has in January. As the extreme temperatures of the frozen north continue we see a major influx of visitors looking for the fun, the sun and adventure. Read Article

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