January 2014 ● Why Travel Insurance?

By Grupo Intercam ● January 2014

Did you know that according to recent studies one out of two people that travel encounters a health problem during their trip? They are most often stricken with either a cardiovascular incident or an accident?

Cardiovascular incidents affect mainly people between the age of 50 to 69, and accidents occur more often in people between 20 to 29 years old.

Unfortunately, these statistics demonstrate that you may encounter a health problem in one out of every two trips that you take.

At Intercam we know how important peace of mind is to you. That’s why we have created Travel Protection, an insurance that protects you and gives the peace of mind you need when you travel.

This insurance has been especially designed to protect you from any incident you may suffer while traveling away from home.

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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

It is essential that you think about your health insurance so that you are covered while you are away and don’t have to come home early just to get treatment. That’s why it is important when you plan your trip to take into account that you always run risks when you travel. The following is a real life example of what happened to a customer.

My name is John Wilson and I’m 65 years old. Nowadays, I live in Chicago, Illinois with my wife Sharon, and I want to share with you my story…

That time of the year that we so much anticipated finally arrived and we had said goodbye to the cold city and we were now enjoying 5 months at our second home. We went for dinner to that new restaurant that we had heard so much about. We were having a wonderful evening when something unexpected happened…

I was feeling kind of bad. It seemed I was having a bit of indigestion. On my way home, I felt tired and I decided to sleep, but the pain was getting worst. I needed a doctor who could speak my language to take care of me. Fortunately, we found him. After checking me and asking me a few questions, he said, “You’re having a heart attack.” We were scared and didn’t know what to do or where to go in this foreign country.

After a few minutes the ambulance arrived. The price for this service came to 150 dollars. Once at the hospital, we were asked how we were going to pay for this hospital. An hour later in the emergency room, it was confirmed that I was having a heart attack and that I had to be operated on immediately. While I was being prepared for surgery, my wife was calling our insurance.

Our insurance company informed us that our contract did not cover this kind of disease abroad, but they would check to see if they could refund us at a later date. The doctor told us that the procedure would cost 35 thousand dollars and that we needed to pay this at that time. The day after, my wife got in touch with our Intercam executive and explained to him that we needed a money transfer from our account to an account in Mexico. We have always been well taken care of by Intercam and it wasn’t any different this time around. The money was sent on time to pay off the hospital bill. A week after, I was discharged and the only thing that mattered was my recovery.

As you can see, this disease turned out pretty expensive and almost cost my life. But, it made me think and realize that I was not immune to a medical condition. One´s life can change in the blink of an eye. That’s when I asked my Intercam executive for added insurance that would cover this kind of necessity in the future. He presented me a Travel Protection Plan which I purchased because I found out that for a couple hundred dollars I could have saved the 35 thousands dollars I paid for this illness.

“Now that I have this insurance I feel so much safer because I know I’m protected from any unexpected events that may occur when I travel.”


A travel insurance is not only an excellent way to protect us against possible problems, but it also gives us a guarantee and the tranquility of knowing that we are prepared to face any difficulty when we are far away from home.

These are the main BENEFITS that you will get when you purchase your insurance:

  • Worldwide coverage. You will be covered anywhere further than 50 kilometers from your home
  • Medical assistance in case of accident or illness 24/7 in any part of the world, with just one call.
  • Direct payment to doctors and hospitals. In this manner, you don’t have to worry about paying out of your pocket and then waiting to be reimbursed.
  • Protection of your assets by not having to pay back large amounts of money in an emergency situation.
  • No Deductible. You are covered 100 percent.
  • Legal assistance. You won’t face any hard situations by yourself. In fact, you will get support in any legal process that you may encounter during your trip.
  • Travel assistance. Obtain a personalized service.
  • You can get this insurance up to age of 74 years old.
  • Covers you outside of a 50 kilometer radius from your home.

Discover the advantages of purchasing an insurance policy from us

Comparing us to others in the market:


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* Nothing guarantees you that during your stay you won’t have an unexpected accident, lesion, or illness; even a natural disaster; as the ones that recently affected the Mexican Pacific zone and the Philippines. In fact, during the last few years, the cost of medical services has increased dramatically in the whole world, this could even ruin your ASSETS.

If you needed emergency treatment on a trip could you face the expensive medical bills?

Family Travel Insurance

Family Travel Insurance

In Intercam, together with ACE LIMITED, we created this insurance solely thinking of you and your family. Unlike some others insurances, we care about giving you the protection you may need to face any unexpected problem that you may have during your trip.

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Maybe you won’t travel soon abroad, but remember this insurance covers you outside of a 50 kilometer radius from your home. Maybe you haven’t had any problems to deal with in previous trips.

But, remember no one is immune from suffering an accident or a disease. Remember, buying travel insurance is not an expense but an investment and a way to protect your assets.

Do not take a risk!

Get your insurance at this moment for less than 2 dollars a day and start enjoying the tranquility that this insurance gives you. Please click here!

Why so many BENEFITS at such an ACCESIBLE price?

We are an excellent company that sells huge quantities of insurance. With all these benefits, this product should sell for a higher price, but thanks to our huge volume of sales we are able to sell it at this discounted price.

These prices will be available only until February 2014. After this date, we CANNOT guarantee you these prices.

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“In addition, if you purchase your insurance now you will get a 25 % discount if you add your family to your insurance. What are you waiting for?”

Testimonies of satisfied clients with our product:

“Purchasing Intercam Travel Protection was definitely the best decision I ever made. I went recently to Los Angeles with some friends of mine and had problems with my luggage. The airline had lost my luggage. Thanks to the timely and efficient attention received by Intercam, I was reimbursed the value of my missing luggage. The best part was that there was no annoying procedures to deal with. There is no doubt that I highly recommend this insurance. Even if you travel frequently or not, it adjusts to your necessities.” (Mariana R.)

“I am so thankful that we purchased the Travel Protection. When my husband got sick the doctors on the boat called the 800 number of your offices and I never had an anxious moment after that. I was sure that my husband and I were in good hands, even in a foreign country where we didn’t speak the language. That was truly priceless.” (Norma L.)

We have a lot of experience with insurances. It allows us to assist you quickly and efficiently. Our service is supported by more than 27 years in the market and more than 75 thousand satisfied clients that have put their faith in us.

Purchase this insurance following these easy steps:

    • Choose the plan you want to purchase
    • Select how many days you want to be covered (from 1 to 365 days)
    • Fill in the form

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And, there you go, YOU WILL BE PROTECTED in just a few minutes. 

“Contact us right now and get a special price so you can start enjoying the peace of mind this protection gives you”

P.S. Are you ready to spend thousands of dollars in an accident or disease just to save a few hundred dollars on an insurance that can protect you?

Grupo Intercam
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Colonia Villa Las Flores | Puetro Vallarta, Jalisco. Mexico
Website: http://www.intercamfinancialservices.com
Email: vallarta@intercam.com.mx


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