October 2014 ● The New Face of Tourism

By John Van Dyke ● October 2014

exp-picture perfect tehuamixtle

Perfect Tehuamixtle

Mexicans are discovering their own Country and all that it has to offer. Any place you visit today you will see Mexican tourists, especially along the costal tourist destinations. A testament to the prosperity of the new and growing middle class in Mexico. The face of tourism is changing and no longer dominated by Americans. The beach vendors no longer need to struggle with their English. Many of their new customers are Mexican. These new tourists have money and they are spending on everything from fine dining to adventure tours and shopping. Canadians still rank high as Mexican tourists; the Americans have been trailing behind the Europeans and other countries. This trend will no doubt continue and is good for Mexico. Mexicans also are not timid about exploring their county, so you will them at the spots not yet crowed with the usual couch tourist.

Amaizing Mayto Sunsets

Amazing Mayto Sunsets

From those I spoke with in Puerto Vallarta this last tourist season, it was clear that the recession is over. Many experienced a very good season. Some said it was like “the old days”. It was however a shorter season for some. Clearly Mexico is a great place to visit and has so much to offer for just about anyone.

For those planning vacations to Puerto Vallarta, I highly recommend a drive south. You will see some beautiful country, unspoiled pristine beaches, and a Mexico not yet overrun with tourists. Almost as soon as you leave the south end of Vallarta on highway 200, you are on a scenic drive, unlike north of Vallarta. About forty-five minutes and will find the town of El Tuito. A real Mexican cowboy town. From there, head to the beaches of Mayto, Tehuamixtle, and Villa del Mar. You will be amazed and delighted. Endless beaches, a quaint fishing village, fresh seafood, and more, all waiting for you to discover. You can find a lot of pictures and information online about these areas. I think it is one of Mexico’s secret places.

Enjoy the month!

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