November 2012 ● The Savvy Traveler will be Heading South

By John Van Dyke ● November, 2012

Exploring The South

Exploring The Costa Alegre, Jalisco

I am not sure why, but it seems we always favor the direction north over south in most things. Is it a psychological thing….  go north… as in going forward, or getting ahead, or perhaps it is just comforting. Anyway, in the case of the Mexican state of Jalisco, south was just inconvenient. And, the good news for anyone around Puerto Vallarta today, is that north was the favored direction for past development, and the south was left pristine and beautiful to enjoy now!

Exploring The South

Exploring The Costa Alegre, Jalisco

I am talking about areas beyond Boca de Tomatlan. For those into geography, get your map out and you will see Cabo Corrientes – a very large Cape of land that actually is part of the extreme south of the Bay of Banderas. If you were to take a boat along the shore you would find Boca, Quimixto, Yelapa, Chimo, and if you continued around the Cape you would pass the lighthouse and find the bay of Corrales and then continue along some of the most stunning coastline on the Costalegre of Jalisco. Along the way, you pass the Mayto area, the fishing village and bay of Tehuamixtle, the first safe anchorage after Vallarta, and then continue down to the very large bay of Chamela. With more amazing spots and coast, south of there.

Exploring The South

Sunset at Costa Alegre. Jalisco

Certainly one of the reasons for lack of development in some of this area was access. The other was infrastructure. Now that is changing. Things that were just rumors a few years ago are now happening. Power in the area, a road project, and a water reservoir – these have happened, or are in the process of happening. A hard surfaced road from El Tuito to Tehuamixtle is likely to be complete in 2013. A very big accomplishment, considering it is a distance of about forty-three kilometers.

Put this together with a new generation of travelers and tourists who tend to find the new hot places, and south Cabo Corrientes and the Costalegre could be the next hot destination. Travel publications are already posting items about the new breed of travelers on the Costalegre. This is the Mexico of tomorrow for the savvy new generation traveler.

Keep exploring! And enjoy the month.

John Van Dyke
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