March 2013 ● The adventurous and savvy are rediscovering Mexico

By John Van Dyke ● March, 2013

Exploring Costa Alegre

Exploring Costa Alegre, Mexico

Things are happening in Mexico. In many ways Mexico may be experiencing a very quiet and sustained revolution of sorts. It is no secret that the Mexican economy is rapidly growing and a new younger group of world-class professionals, entrepreneurs and travelers are emerging on the scene – many from Mexico. Add this to a mix of the North Americans and Canadians who are rediscovering Mexico and you have a lot of growth potential from tourism and visitors. Where will they go?

Exploring the South of Puerto Vallarta

Exploring the South of Puerto Vallarta

A new younger crowd is less inclined to be drawn to the old, tired, and familiar attractions of previous generations. They bring a new sense of adventure and a desire to find something to call their own. There is nothing more exciting than discovering Mexico on your own terms. And it’s for this reason that a savvy group of early adopters – the artists, the architects, the designers, the photographers, the writers, and any who have a sense of adventure or creativity are drawn to the special places first. Walled communities, mega houses, high-rise towers and little contact with real life, are trending downwards.

Welcome to Costa Alegre, Mexico

Welcome to Costa Alegre, Mexico

A healthy mix of these early adopters, along with those seeking a change from the past, will define the new concepts in travel, tourism, and lifestyle in Mexico. One of the places that will be getting a lot of attention will be the area south of Puerto Vallarta. This begins with Cabo Corrientes, a large municipality that includes some of the best beaches in the state of Jalisco. The town of El Tuito, seat of the municipality, is the gateway to many of these beaches. Along the way are small communities dotting the coastline. The kind of places you want to throw up a hammock and take in the fresh breeze off the ocean. Maybe find a local place serving the catch of the day, or some fresh shucked oysters. It is this laid back lifestyle and the pristine beaches that is the magic of Mexico to be discovered.

The south coast of the Mexican State of Jalisco is no doubt going to be on everyone’s radar as a place to discover. It is a natural, and things have been happening that suggest a high interest on the part of government. A recent unannounced visit by the governor was certainly all about business. For now, it belongs to the locals, and the adventurous, savvy travelers who come to find their own secret place to escape – from all the places made ordinary by established tourism.

Enjoy the month

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