June 2012 ● A year of transition for Cabo Corrientes

By John Van Dyke ● June, 2012

The Cab Corriente bech

Cabo Corrientes

This year will be significant for Cabo Corrientes and the beach communities of Mayto, Tehuamixtle and the surrounding areas. Change is coming and it will seem sudden when the road-surfacing project is completed this year. The road project was just a rumor five years ago and popular conversation with the land speculators during that time. Those were heady days when everyone was going to get rich either buying or selling. A few did, most did not. The road project however did start, and little by little, sections were completed. The last two sections are now in progress and if all goes well, should be finished this year.

The Cabo Corrientes beach

Cabo Corrientes

One of the major drawbacks for many wanting to visit the area has been access. The road is famous for it’s poor condition and problems during rainy season. Many good stories have been told of making the journey with four-wheel drive vehicles being stuck or broken along the way. Actually that may have been true about seven or more years ago. The last few years, the road has been fairly well maintained and only during very heavy rains are there problems. Personally, I have more problems with the potholes on the highway heading south of Vallarta.

The Cabo Corrientes beach

Cabo Corrientes

The road is not the only agent of change for the area. The large water reservoir project designed to serve the area, is making progress and when finished will provide the last link in the development chain. With power, water, and good road, this part of Cabo Corrientes will be attractive to a larger group of people, who will fuel a new economic development. All this can be viewed as good and bad. It is however, real, and it is happening. There is no doubt about the south part of Cabo Corrientes coast becoming a very desirable destination. In particular, the communities of Mayto, and north toward Corrales, and Tehuamixtle, and south to La Cruz de Loreto will be impacted significantly.

At the center of this is the town of El Tuito, which seems to be the likely hub. El Tuito is about a forty-five minute drive south of Puerto Vallarta and the jumping off point to the beaches on the newly surfaced road. It should be about a half hour drive to Mayto. That means it would be possible to drive from Puerto Vallarta to Mayto in less than an hour and a half.

Summer is a good time to check things out. Less people and lots of beach.

Enjoy the month.

John Van Dyke
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