July 2013 ● Summertime in the Mayto area



By John Van Dyke ● July 2013

Mayto and the surrounding areas are making the transition to summer.  The seasonal tourists from Puerto Vallarta have headed back to their summer homes and the last signs of seasonal visitors are disappearing.  It is quiet and a good time to visit.  It has been a very dry season, so the first rains will be welcomed.  The trees and plants are starting to bud, and flowers are popping up where you would least expect them.  What looks dead is actually just waiting patiently for water.  The ocean water has warmed and there are many fish in the area now.  The fishermen from Tehua and Corrales are having good catches.  It is also a good time for sport fishermen to start thinking about trying their hand.  The swimming is refreshing and welcomed at the end of a warm day.

Costa Alegre Sunset

Costa Alegre Sunset

For first time visitors to the area, this is the driest time and one extreme of the landscape. Come back in October and you will not recognize the place.  Brown turns to green.  This is part of what makes the Mayto area different from Vallarta.  It is drier and arid with a little less humidity and a different pattern to the rainy season.  No matter what time you visit, you will still be amazed at the endless miles of beach.  Some say the summer is the best time to be here, just after a good rain. Summer skies and sunsets are often spectacular. You can find accommodations and restaurants ready to serve you. Come for a day or stay a night or two. You will feel like it’s your own private place.

Costa Alegre Lunch

Costa Alegre Lunch

The road to Mayto is getting better. Good news for visitors. A road improvement project is part of a larger Federal plan that includes a water reservoir now under construction.  Judging from the number of trucks bringing cement for the dam, this is a very large project.  Again this is part of the grand plan for the region. El Tuito to Mayto on a surface road, along with the water reservoir, are the key to opening Cabo Corrientes to future tourist development. In the meantime, Mayto, Tehuamixtle, and surrounding areas are well worth a visit. More visitors are coming every year to this beautiful beach area along the south coast of the state of Jalisco.  Just two hours from Puerto Vallarta.  Go south on highway 200 into El Tuito, and then head to the coast.  Look for Mayto Hotel signs to guide you.

Enjoy the month and keep exploring

John Van Dyke
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