July 2012 ● One of the Pacific Coast of Mexico’s secret places.

By John Van Dyke ● July, 2012

Exploring the South of Puerto Vallarta

Chachalaka beach in Costa Alegre

A few years ago I discovered – a place with pristine virgin beaches, a fishing village where the locals actually fish for a living, a handful of villages that have not been affected by tourism, three hotels that are on the beach, an abundance of fresh seafood and oysters, no vendors trying to sell you anything, a beautiful little bay that is always perfect for swimming and snorkeling, sandy beaches that stretch for as far as the eye can see, some of the best surf fishing in the world, amazing sunsets, whale watching from the beach, nesting sea turtles, long peaceful walks on a deserted beach, moons that set into the ocean, all kinds of birds in their native habitat… and there is so much more.

Exploring the South of Puerto Vallarta

Beach in the Tehua Bay in Costa Alegre

Ok, so where is this place? A short drive south of Puerto Vallarta takes you to the town of El Tuito, which is the seat of the municipality of Cabo Corrientes. El Tuito itself is interesting and historic. It dates back to the Spanish over 200 years ago. From El Tuito you drive down to the coast and an area known as Mayto. Once you are there, you will find Mayto beach, the fishing village of Tehuamxitle and beaches to the south. You will find lodging in the Mayto beach area and Tehuamixtle. Also, there are interesting places to explore north of Mayto along the ocean. This area is also part of what is known as the Costalegre meaning the “Happy Coast”.

Exploring the South of Puerto Vallarta

The perfect weather in Costa Alegre

The road from El Tuito to Mayto has been a good filter for the last few years – only the brave or adventurous would drive on this sometime difficult dirt road. That is changing, the last of a big road-surfacing project will be finished this year, and that means even the timid will eventually show up.

From many years of combing some of the best beaches in the world from the South Pacific to the East Coast of Africa, I know a good beach when I see it. That is why I created a place I call Chachalaka in this area. This is as good as it gets.

A place where time has stood still for awhile. Waiting to be discovered.

Enjoy the month!

John Van Dyke
E-mail: mailbox@tehuamexico.com
Please visit: http://tehuabay.blogspot.com/http://maytobeach.blogspot.com/ &   http://chachalakapartners.blogspot.com

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