January 2015 ● There is a reason why birds go south in the winter

By John Van Dyke ● January 2015

Exploring Costa Alegre ● A god day for fishing.

Exploring Costa Alegre ● A god day for fishing.

Depending on where you are, you may be feeling the chill of winter. It is a good time to pack the shorts and bikini and head south. Plan a vacation, or spend the season, and discover the beauty of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a great destination to get the chill off and little color back in your life, and they are getting ready for you. The restaurants have your table set, the farmers market is in full swing. Airlines and hotels have very attractive packages and the temperature is getting just about perfect.

For me, south is a little further than Puerto Vallarta. Just an easy two-hour scenic drive from Vallarta and you end up at what seems to be your own private paradise. Not many tourists, lots and lots of unspoiled beach, fresh fish, lobster, oysters and more. Places to stay, restaurants, a sleepy little fishing village in a beautiful bay. Endless beach that goes as far as the eye can see, spot whales, turtles and a variety of birds. Basically this is the place to be or discover if you want a little authentic Mexican beach life.

Exploring Costa Alegre ● Beautiful sunsets

Exploring Costa Alegre ● Beautiful sunsets

The state of Jalisco and the Mexican government, along with some large developers think the south is the place to be as well. Plans are in place for a lot of future development. The biggest sign of this is an airport project that now has a surfaced runway that will accommodate large passenger jets. It will be sometime before any commercial aircraft arrive, but this is a very large project and a huge deal for the future of tourism in the state of Jalisco. So, taking a drive south of Vallarta past the usual tourist places and down the coast of Jalisco, known as the Costalegre, is what the savvy travelers will be doing very soon. A good place to start is in the town of El Tuito. Just forty-five minutes from the end of Vallarta on highway 200. Turn into Tuito and take the road to Mayto and the beaches. From there explore and continue south back to 200 and then continue south on the highway. Lots to see and discover for those who are a little adventurous. The beaches are spectacular.

I’ll be spending time at Chachalaka.

Enjoy the month

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