January 2013 ● A good year ahead for Mexico

By John Van Dyke ● January, 2013

Costa Alegre

Costa Alegre

As a new year begins, it is a good time to look back, and look ahead, to the future of our region and Mexico as a whole. What drives the economy, projects, and development of the Puerto Vallarta areas and the state of Jalisco, are connected to larger economy of Mexico itself. Mexico in this past year has been getting a lot of attention from the global financial community – all very positive. In the Latin American sector, Mexico is number two in growth and on pace to perhaps be number one in the next year. Articles have appeared in the Economist and the Financial Times, as well as other publications, suggesting that Mexico will continue on a positive growth curve for the foreseeable future.

Costa Alegre

Costa Alegre

What does this mean for our piece of paradise? My take – it is all good! Improvements to infrastructure and transportation, new construction, opening of new lodging and housing, and new retail and food establishments – all aimed at the new generation of tourist to the region. It is definitely a time of a more modern Mexico.

Many things are happening south of Puerto Vallarta, an area that I believe will be an important future tourist destination. This past year the Palms to Pines highway out of town has been getting a new concrete surface. Everyone hopes this will continue. It is one of the most scenic drives in the area, along the way to the town of El Tuito, about one hour from Vallarta. A road improvement and surfacing project from El Tuito to the beach areas of Mayto and Tehuamixtle is nearing completion. And, the water reservoir project for Cabo Corrientes costal areas is slatted to be in full swing in 2013. A lot of things will be happening in the next few years as the political pendulum swings with a lot of new faces and development projects.

Costa Alegre

Costa Alegre

This is good time to visit Mexico and explore some of the new emerging areas south of Puerto Vallarta. And if you are already here, take a drive south this year and discover the pristine beaches around Mayto and Tehuamixtle.

Happy New Year!

John Van Dyke
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