December 2012 ● Discover El Tuito, a special town just a short drive south of Vallarta

By John Van Dyke ● December, 2012

El Tuito in Costa Alegre

El Tuito in Costa Alegre

I am always surprised by how many people in Puerto Vallarta do not know about El Tuito. I also, always enjoy seeing the reaction of first timers to Tuito. This is real Mexico. A charming town with a lot of history – going back over two hundred years. El Tuito is the municipality for Cabo Corrientes, and administrative offices are located here. It is in the heart of ranch country, with a climate that has pleasant warm days and cool nights. The town is located amongst foothills with the Sierra Madre Mountains in the distance. If you are staying overnight during winter, bring a light jacket or warm sweater. El Tuito reminds me of a cross between the hill country of San Antonio, Texas and Bend, Oregon in the United States. Tuito is a very unique place of rolling hills, forests, vistas and agreeable climate.

El Tuito in Costa Alegre

El Tuito in Costa Alegre

El Tuito is known for its Panella cheese and Raicilla, a liquor made locally that is similar to Tequila. There are a couple of places just outside town that make Raicilla. Walking around is the best way to see Tuito. Park by the plaza. The plaza is ringed with original one-story adobe buildings dating to the late 1700’s.  If you are hungry there are restaurants around the plaza. A personal favorite is el Patio de Mario located at the far corner near the municipal building. They have a very pleasant courtyard making it a good place to relax.

The area is being discovered. Tour buses are starting to bring people, a new cell phone tower and Internet service arrived a couple of years ago and you can even get a café latte. A small community of artists and creative people were the first to recognize Tuito as a special place. Now North Americans are beginning to make El Tuito their home, taking advantage of the beautiful setting, convenience of the location, and affordable property. Tuito also has most anything available that you would find in the larger towns, and if you cannot find what you want, it is only a forty-five minute drive to Puerto Vallarta.

El Tuito is a refreshing change from the usual popular places. And, perhaps the best part is its proximity to the spectacular beaches on the south coast of the state of Jalisco. Soon it will only take about thirty minutes to drive to the beaches of Mayto and Tehuamixtle when a major road-surfacing project is completed in 2013. Tuito will be the gateway to these beaches and the emerging areas along the south coast, making it a popular destination or home for many in the near future.

Enjoy the month!

John Van Dyke
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