August 2012 ● Discovering Paradise in Mayto Area, South of Vallarta

By John Van Dyke ● August, 2012

Exploring The Sout Column

Mayto in Costa Alegre

Is this paradise found, south of Puerto Vallarta?  I see many people making the drive south to the Mayto and Tehuamixtle areas.  You can tell the first timers, and many are scouting out the area.  The word is getting out about this place with the miles of endless beaches, clear waters, very few people, fresh seafood and oysters and a laid back peaceful lifestyle.  Discovering this area is like a breath of fresh air…less than two hours drive from Puerto Vallarta.

Exploring The South Column

Mayto in Costa Alegre

This is the beginning of the Costalegre, the “happy coast” that goes all the way to Careyes and beyond.  As people look around, many can see the possibilities for the future of this area.  I hear “wow” often from first time visitors when they see the beaches.  A common question – some ask, or some quietly think about – can I buy something on the water, or close by with a view?  And, how do I go about it, and how much does it cost.  The answer to the first part is yes you can, how you go about it and how much you pay – have many variables. Also, some of the best is already purchased.  This is one of Mexico’s lesser-known havens and is quickly gaining popularity among those looking to unwind in a more private and serene setting. However, it is still a frontier and the familiar and comfortable amenities of established real estate offices are non-existent.  Also you will not find the tourist trappings of established destinations.  Local knowledge is the best way to discover what may be available.  I would suggest doing a good deal of homework, checking references and credibility of sources.  Ask questions, expect good answers, and check documents carefully.  If possible work with a trusted and reliable attorney that deals with this kind of real estate.

Exploring The South Column

Mayto in Costa Alegre

I had the good fortune to secure an amazing parcel of ocean front land. This required a great deal of effort, time, counsel, and patience. It is now legally privatized, titled land and I am building an amazing ocean front house.  My experience was filled with more stories than I care to remember, some humorous and some scary.  I gained a lot of knowledge about the process and in the end it had a good outcome.  With big development companies purchasing large sections of land around the Mayto area, it is only a matter of time before the familiar real estate agents will service the area.  In the meantime the more adventurous may be fortunate enough to find something ahead of the crowd.  This is truly a paradise worth discovering.

Enjoy the month!

John Van Dyke
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