January 2013 ● Could You Eat What You Are Putting On Your Skin?

By Tamara Jacobi ● January, 2013

tamara_1What did you put on your skin today? Moisturizer, sunscreen, make up, all of the above? Many of us are aware of the need to take care of our skin; doing our best to prevent wrinkles, prevent aging and keep our skin hydrated, etc.  But did you know that you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth?

You might be somewhat aware of the importance of quality nutrition.  Now it’s time to think beyond what you’re putting in your body to what you’re putting on your body.  Start checking out the labels on your creams, potions and sunscreens.  If the ingredient list goes on and on and includes complicated sounding concoctions that you’ve never heard of, then this is a big red flag. Artificial coloring, fragrance, preservatives, etc.  Your skin absorbs it all.

tamara_2Complete nourishment means looking at all aspects of nutrition and how you’re taking care of your body. Ideally, you want to pay as much attention to what you’re putting on your body as you are to what you’re putting in your mouth.  Instead of buying an army of beauty products that are loaded with processed ingredients, save your money and keep it simple with natural oils, and whole food ingredients like coconut oil that nourish your skin.

As always, everyone is unique and so is your skin! It’s important to find a balance of natural skincare products that work best for you.  Ready to start taking care of yourself? Check out my free guide to start listening to your body and let me support you with getting your health back on track.

Jungle Lodge Manager: www.tailwindjunglelodge.com
Holistic Health Coach: www.junglegirlhealth.com

tamara_smallTamara Jacobi
Jungle Lodge Manager & Holistic Health Coach
San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico
Source: San Pancho Life

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