December 2012 ● Kayaking Bliss

By Tamara Jacobi ● December, 2012

I admit it . . . there aren’t many moments in my busy life where I’m content to sit still. That is, of course, until you seat me in a sea kayak and give me a push out into the big blue ocean. There’s just something about the rhythm of paddling and the novelty of viewing the coastline from an offshore perspective that quiets my mind and heightens my awareness of natural beauty-the sound of the waves, the birds circling lazily above, the light glistening in the palms on shore and schools of fish skidding across the water. The moments I’m on the water are often the happiest of my day.

Photo by Tamara Jacobi

Photo by Tamara Jacobi

One of my favorite parts of living in San Pancho is introducing friends and visitors to the joys of sea kayaking on Mexico’s Pacific.  This week my mom (Jungle Judi) and I were thrilled to get our local friends Kim, Katy, Nicole and Courtney out on the water (see photo). Such a great day ladies!  We launched from the charming town of Los Ayala (where we store our fleet of sea kayaks) and spent the morning paddling, swimming and lounging on a glorious deserted beach.  Bliss, yup.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure, an upper body workout, an escape from land, or maybe just an excuse to get some sun, sea kayaking is the way to go.  Open pit ocean kayaks are particularly comfortable and simple to use.  Here are some quick tips to get you started:

Photo by Tamara Jacobi

Photo by Tamara Jacobi

Paddling in the ocean is very different from paddling in a lake! Swell, currents and tides can significantly affect your kayaking experience.  Try to launch from a protected area. Bays and the lee side of jetties are ideal. When launching, point the bow of your boat straight into the waves.  This will keep you from capsizing. When landing, point your bow straight into the beach.  This will also keep your from capsizing. Always make note of where you’re launching from (eventually I’m guessing you’ll want to return to that spot)!
Notice which way the wind is blowing, if the wind is at your back then plan on needing at least twice as much time (and energy!) on your return trip.

How you hold the paddle makes a lot of difference.  The paddle has two parts, the shaft (where you hold the paddle) and the blades (which you dip into the water).  A nice grip on the paddle has your hands about 2 feet apart (varies a bit by person).  People have a tendency to hold their hands either too far apart, or too close together. Both of these positions will be very uncomfortable if you’re going to paddle very far.

Let’s go kayaking! We’d love to get you out on the water. Check out this short video of the
Tailwind Jungle Lodge sea kayaking tour. You haven’t really seen this coastline until you’ve explored it via sea kayak!

tamara_smallTamara Jacobi
Jungle Lodge Manager & Holistic Health Coach
San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico
Source: San Pancho Life

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