December 2012 – How can we help birds and bird habitats in San Pancho?

birdsanpancho_homeThe principle of conservation is: “We Conserve what we Love, we Love what we Know and we Know what is Shown to us”.

In order to make both locals and visitors aware of the amazing bird (and biological) diversity we have in and around our village, the San Pancho Bird Observatory is promoting the project “Informative Signs for Birding Trails in San Pancho” which consists placing fully-bilingual signs printed on vinyl, in full color on both sides and mounted on wooden frame; signs will be placed at key public routes for bird watching in San Pancho. These signs will have the latest telecom technology by displaying “zebra codes” which will refer users to websites with maps,  check-lists and sponsors´ pages.

The aims of thisproject are 1) Promoting San Pancho as a birdwatching-friendly destination, while 2) Enhancing economic development through the promotion of businesses, organizations and individuals who support this initiative and 3) Inspire locals and visitors on the local birds and habitat which will support the conservation of birds and their habitats through the increased knowledge of biodiversity in San Pancho.

This project already has the support of some local businesses, individuals and organizations as well as regional, national and international academic and governmental institutions supportive of bird conservation.  Birds and their habitats need YOUR help!

To learn more visit SPBO’s website

Luis Morales – Director
Observatorio de Aves de San Pancho/ San Pancho Bird Observatory
Mobile: (52-1) 322 – 139 7242

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