March 2013 ● Mexico will be a World Tourist Power: Enrique Peña Nieto

Source: Presidencia de La República de Mexico

During the presentation of the National Tourism Policy, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that the actions of the Federal Government regarding tourism will focus on creating a safe environment for travelers in the country.

To ensure the success of the National Tourism Policy, “It is essential to offer tourists, both domestic and foreign, a safe environment. We will continue working to improve public safety, which is undoubtedly an essential condition for building and promoting our country, ” he said.

He stated that Mexico is ready to upgrade and reposition its tourism industry globally. “It is time to consolidate and build on the tourism capital we already have,” and focus on existing destinations in order to modernize and revitalize them, he said. “This will be the best way to contribute to the social and economic development of our country.”

President Enrique Peña Nieto said that the country should take advantage of is privileged position and tourist potential, “In order for the whole world to know Mexico and for us to have it here; let the world come to our country.” He said that on the basis of on a state policy that destroys inertia, “We will open up Mexico to the world, and let the world come to Mexico.”

He emphasized that for the government, tourism is a key strategic sector for national development. It produces almost nine percent of the gross domestic product while salaries for employees in the tourism sector are 30 percent above the national average. He added that tourism is a wonderful vehicle to move towards a more prosperous, inclusive Mexico, “And thereby achieve two of the five major national goals my government has set.”

The president declared that Mexico’s tourism sector still has enormous potential for growth, “And we will take advantage of this in a timely, intelligent fashion.” He said that it was necessary to create a great synergy between the action of the private sector and the government, “That will give us the opportunity to enhance the tourist sector for the country’s economic development.”

As a country with a privileged geographical location, a great potential for connectivity, a large stock of natural, historical and cultural attractions, Mexico has also shown a great capacity to offer quality tourism products, he said. “Mexico has everything it needs to become a global tourism power, and we are going to achieve this; we want to be a world-class destination,” he added.

The President declared said the National Tourism Policy is based primarily on four guidelines. First: Planning and Sectoral Transformation: the institutional framework will be restructured to improve decision making and ensure the effective implementation of the various programs to boost tourism. In order to coordinate government efforts, he ordered the creation of a Tourism Cabinet, to be led by the President. We want to achieve full coordination with the governors and the Head of Government of the Federal District to align the policy of the Federal Government with the efforts of the various states of the country,” he said.

The second guideline is innovation and competitiveness: Mexico is much more than sun and beach resorts; diversification of tourist products is key to leveraging our many attractions and competing in the global era. He went on to say, “We therefore want to specialize in six segments: sun and beach tourism, cultural tourism, ecotourism and adventure tourism, health tourism, sports tourism and special interest or luxury tourism.” In order to ensure the quality of tourist services, we will implement the National Tourism Certification System “because to be successful, we will have to compete on the basis of the quality of services offered by our country.”

He announced that he had instructed the Secretariats of Tourism and Economics to develop a competitiveness agenda for each of the country’s different tourist destinations. He also asked the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation to ensure that the National Infrastructure Program, to be presented shortly, includes a clear approach to tourism.

After endorsing his commitment to completing the road from Guadalajara to Banderas Bay as soon as possible, the President pointed out that the third guideline is the development and promotion. “We must build and strengthen the confidence of investors in our country,” he said. He said that Mexico will be projected to the whole world, “But we must also project an image of reliability, infrastructure, modernity and of the various services offered today to international tourism.”

The fourth guideline of the National Tourism Policy is sustainability and social benefit. We are going to create instruments to ensure that tourism in Mexico is a clean industry that cares for and preserves our natural heritage, history and culture,” he added. He also mentioned that a program will be promoted to make tourism affordable to all Mexicans “because tourism cannot be considered as simply an activity for the privileged few or certain sectors.”


Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas, Secretary of Tourism, noted that the National Tourism Policy of the Federal Government is designed to “cooperate and build with state and local governments, facilitate private investment and encourage entrepreneurship and the development of micro, small and medium businesses, and diversify our product range. ”

She said that the tourism sector, due to its ability to promote regional and community development, create formal quality jobs and protect, promote and disseminate our natural and human assets, is a significant driver of identity and social cohesion. This means that it is in a unique position to contribute to the five major objectives that President Peña Nieto has set for his government, he said.

The Secretary of Tourism said that the president’s statement is clear: it is essential to work towards a peaceful, inclusive, prepared, prosperous and Mexico to meet the demands of the globalized world.


For his part, the president of the Iberostar hotel group and tourist services, Miguel Fluxá Rossello said that Mexico has an enormous potential and is one of the few nations that has the conditions for developing tourism. However, a great deal of work remains to be done regarding security in tourist areas, and reducing red tape for foreign companies planning to invest here.

“I’m glad to see that the performance and promotion to boost tourism has begun. The best promotion we can achieve is quality, “he said.

He added that in December, the Iberostar group will complete a hotel in this region, which will employ 550 people “in an area that needs a lot of work, and I think we all need to contribute.”


Roberto Sandoval Castañeda, Governor of Nayarit, acknowledged that, “the tourism sector is undoubtedly the key to the national economy. A large number of Mexican families have always depended directly or indirectly on this sector, which creates jobs and wealth, hence the importance of having a national tourism strategy in keeping with the times, allowing us to maximize our beautiful scenery and the greatness of Mexico. ”

Sandoval Castañeda acknowledged President Peña Nieto’s decision, “To encourage the growth of this important sector and regard it as a cornerstone in Mexico’s incorporation into developed countries,” he said.


President of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (CONCANACO-SERVYTUR), Jorge Dávila Flores said that connectivity in the country must be increased to facilitate transport for tourists, improve infrastructure in this area, encourage investments, and ensure the safety and integrity of travelers, in order to consolidate Mexico as one of the most popular destinations in the world.

“We believe that the presentation of the strategic axes and action to promote sustainable, productive tourism will enable the public and private sector to work hand in hand to achieve better levels in the Tourism Competitiveness Index and therefore generate higher levels of economic growth and decent jobs for

Source: Presidencia de La Republica

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