jaltemba-lodemarcosJanuary 2015 ● Discover Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico – Lo de Marcos is a standout town among the villages in Bahía de Banderas (Bay of Banderas) and is known for its peaceful and relaxing nature. While many of the neighboring towns have evolved into hustle and bustle tourist destinations. Read More by Jaltemba Bay Life

jaltemba-sanblasJanuary 2015 ● New Malecón in San Blas Announced – In a recent press release, the Director of the Maritime and Port Authority, Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa, announced plans for the construction of a boardwalk (malecón) in the Historic Port of San Blas, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. Read More by Riviera Nayarit CVB

jaltemba-dengueJanuary 2015 ● Preventing, Diagnosing and Treating Dengue Fever in Mexico – Since numerous cases of dengue were reported in and around the Jaltemba Bay area last season, we thought it was important to share this information in our newsletter and our blog for both locals and visitors to read. Read More by Jaltemba Bay Life


September 2014 ● Wildlife Encounters in Jaltemba Bay – Check your shoes for scorpions… and while you’re at it, check your hat, too! Everyone tells you this, and most of us do it at least a couple of times before we become lazy, having not found or seen a scorpion, so we quit looking and stopped banging our footwear. Read More by Christina Stobbs

jaltembahorse-homeSeptember 2014 ● J.E.E.P Stables and Hilltop Refugio are Being Transformed – Hi Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.) friends. Many of you have been wondering about what has been happening at the Hilltop Refugio and asking what you can bring down for J.E.E.P. this season. We could use lead ropes, horse brushes and cinches (medium to large), as well as school supplies for the special needs children who come visit.  Read More by Jaltemba Bay

jaltembaroads-homeSeptember 2014 ● Back Roads of Nayarit: Hidden Beaches and Help for the Poor – The author and Vicky Flores, who is a nurse at a local hospital and also his partner in the small bed and breakfast, “Mi Casa es Su Casa,” and Jeep trips to the BACK ROADS OF NAYARIT, are going on another discovery trip. Today we found a true gem. Many years ago a Guadalajara family purchased a parcel of land that included a beach (and what a beach). At that time the family was not so small. Read More by Bob Howell

jaltemba-roadAugust 2014 ● Back Roads of Nayarit: Trip to Punta Raza – It’s another beautiful day in paradise. That being Rincón de Guayabitos, in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. My traveling companion Vicky, and I, have decided to check out an area that is not all that far from Guayabitos. Although I have been there numerous times, I have never made a thorough exploration. This is also a place is known by only a few gringos. Vicky thinks that this is unfair because it is near and very beautiful. Sooo… here it is. Read More by Bob Howell


August 2014 ● New Puerto Vallarta-Guadalajara Highway to be Completed in 2017 – The construction of the Jala-Bahía de Banderas Highway has advanced 33%, however, it will not be finished until 2017, informed the delegate of the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) in Jalisco, Bernardo Gutiérrez Navarro. Read More by The Jaltemba Bay Team

jaltemba-maleconAugust 2014 ● La Peñita Malecón One Year Later – During the past year, the new malecón has become a popular gathering place and well-used destination for both locals and tourists alike. Many events have already taken place here – including art shows, the staging area for a women’s beach volleyball tournament, weight lifting contests, a biathlon and even kite flying demonstrations – and many more events are on the drawing board. Read More by David Thompson

jaltemba-impulsarteAugust 2014 ● IMPULSARTE Program Continues to Help Local Students Thrive – IMPULSARTE “expandiendo mentes” (expanding minds) is a social program funded by teacher JAVIER CARRILLO in order to promote culture and the arts in public school children in vulnerable communities. It is certainly a very important tool that is paying-off highly not only to promote art and make beautiful works by students through their methods, but is also making gains in the values of the student, such as SELF-ESTEEM, INTEGRATION, PERCEBTIBILITY, VISUAL ACUITY, CONCENTRATION, MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT, ETC. Read More by Jaltemba Bay


July 2014  ● Surviving the Summer Heat in Jaltemba Bay – It’s hot and dusty in Los Ayala. Just how dusty you ask? Well, I dust our home every single morning and by mid-afternoon it looks like I have not dusted for at least a week. What’s the point? Read More by Christina Stobbs

jaltemba-tabachinJuly 2014  ● In Bloom: Tabachín – It’s nearly impossible not to notice the absolutely gorgeous brilliant reddish-orange flowers of the Tabachín trees dotted throughout the Jaltemba Bay area. The flowers start to bloom near the end of May and have five petals, one of which has distinctive white and yellow markings. The Tabachín is also known as Royal Poinciana or Flamboyant Tree. Read More by Allyson Williams


jaltemba-mexico-homeJune 2014  ● Living in Mexico: A Survival Guide – I have been living in Mexico for a year and a half. In two short weeks we leave to make our way to the Marshall Islands to set up our next base camp. I have valuable insight. Life in Mexico can be amazing. If you approach it the right way. Here is a survival guide on how to make the most of living in Mexico, or at least… HOW TO SURVIVERead More by Jaltemba Bay

jaltemba-lluvioro-homeJune 2014  ● In Bloom: Lluvia de Oro (Golden Shower Tree) – Up until last week, I had only heard rumors about the infamous Lluvia de Oro tree. While driving from La Peñita to Rincón de Guayabitos, I noticed three bright yellow trees on the west side of the highway. Knowing that the Primavera trees were finished blooming, I suspected I might be in luck. Read More by Allyson Williams

jaltemba-centro-homeJune 2014  ● Announcing “El Centro de la Gente” Library and Community Center in Lo de Marcos – Mitch and Vicki Schilling’s dream to create a library and community center in the town of Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico was born about a year ago. With high season coming to an end, and lots of free time on his hands, Mitch began actively searching for a location. He signed a 3-year lease on May 5th, and he and his team immediately began transforming the vacant buildingRead More by Allyson Williams


May 2014  ● In Bloom Plumeria (Part 1) – Plumera, also known as Frangipani and Flor de Mayo, is native to Mexico. In the Jaltemba Bay area, they bloom in the spring and their beautiful fragrant flowers range from white and yellow to pink. They are deciduous plants so they drop their leaves in the fall and winter months. If you see a Plumeria during the winter you might actually think it’s dead, because when dormant, they are nothing but a bare stick figure with shiny grey barkRead More by Allyson Williams

jaltemba-jeepHomeMay 2014  ● J.E.E.P. Rescue Horses Hoping to Get Shelter from Sun and Rain – Earlier this week, I drove up to the Hilltop Refugio in La Peñita to see what was happening. While I was there, I decided to help muck-out the stalls and share some love with the horses. Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.) founders, George and Loretta Leavitt, continue to provide the rescue horses with necessary medical care, food, water and much needed TLC – and I am happy to report that the horses (as well as the dogs and cats being fostered there) and the refugio are all looking greatRead More by David Thompson

jaltemba-ChacalaHomeMay 2014  ● Day Trip to Chacala – For a change of scenery, consider a day trip to some of the other towns and villages around this part of Jaltemba Bay. Our group of 6 friends makes a trip to Chacala every year we are here. It’s about 30 minutes north of La Peñita on the road to San Blas. Turn left on the road to Chalaca just before you get to Las Varas. It’s marked with signs, and all the taxi drivers know where it is. Read More by Brian Betts


???????????????????????????????May 2014  ● Compostela: The Overlooked City –  As our departure date approaches, this question presents itself… Where will the next day trip take us? Like a thunderbolt, the answer flashes from the road atlas page. There centered in bold print is the destination – Compostela, a colonial city. We’ve driven past the Nayarit city on our way to the Mexican interior, but never paused to visitRead More by John & Doreen Berg

jaltemba-nopalMay 2014  ● In Season: Nopal Cactus (Prickly Pear) – Nopal cactus are members of the Opuntia genus from the Cactaceae family, and are commonly known as the Prickly Pear cactus. There are dozens of varieties and well over 200 species. The ripe flat cactus pads, called nopales (pronounced noh-PAHL-leys), are commonly used in Mexican dishes. Read More by Allyson Williams

jaltemba-mantahomeMay 2014  ● Flying Manta Rays – Earlier this season, a group of us set out on a day trip to the secret beach at the Marieta Islands. We hired Salvador in Rincón de Guayabitos to take us. While en route to the islands, we did some whale watching until the captain spotted some splashing going on. We headed that way to explore and got a chance to see these manta rays jumping. I had only once seen this before in Punta Raza in 2013 when I led a hiking group down at the beach. Those were little ones – nothing like these mantas. Prior to that I didn’t realized they liked to jump and playRead More by Lori Schneider Wood

jaltemba-iguanahomeApril 2014  ● Iguanas, Come On Down – I was motivated to write this follow-up article after reading “The Almost Invisible Iguana” by Conrad Stenton from Midland Ontario in last week’s Jaltemba Bay Life newsletter. Having observed the iguanas close up for a few years, we have learned a few interesting facts about them. Yes, they are almost invisible to the untrained eye, but knowing their morning routine high in the canopy and aided with a pair of binoculars you can get a good view. Read More by Ken & Bea Rauch

A TEAM OF HORSES TILLING  -   A RARE SIGHT TODAY.April 2014  El Molote Hot Spring – As our Mexican holiday season slowly draws to a close, the desire to be on the road again beckons. Our destination was to visit the source of El Molote hot springs, a rustic spot to enjoy an amazing soak in a natural setting without the hustle and bustle of commercial enterprises. The hot springs are located in a picturesque fertile valley where huge cabbages and other garden crops flourish. On this day, contrasting cultivation methods were at work with a team of horses pulling a cultivator and a motorized rototiller breaking sod, in the same field! Read More by John and Doreen Berg

jaltemba-semanahomeApril 2014  Run-up to Semana Santa – As of 8:30am Tuesday morning, April 15, the crowds were already arriving in mass and many people were up early to stake out beach space, reserving their spot in paradise for Semana Santa. Footnote for those setting their canopies at water’s edge: later this week, the tide will rise until mid-afternoon, so it might be hard to keep your towel or cooler dry all day. Read More by Rob Erickson


April 2014 ● Day Trip to El Cora Cascades – When first arriving in the Riviera Nayarit, contentment is achieved by enjoying the sun’s warm rays and splashing in the sparkling Jaltemba Bay waters… while listening to the Zac Brown Band sing “I got my toes in the water, a_ _ in the sand. Not a worry… life is good.” After two or three months of sun and surf, it’s time to venture further afield to investigate the many nearby beautiful vistas and remarkable sitesRead More by John & Doreen Berg

abril-jaltemba-homeApril 2014 ● In Season: Guamúchil – The warmer spring weather brings unique and exciting new produce to our local Mexican markets. If you’ve walked through La Peñita lately, you may have noticed vendors with pickup trucks or wheelbarrows filled to the brim with Guamúchil (gwa-MU-cheel). These green and pink twisted-looking pods contain a pulpy white fruit and grow on trees with the same nameRead More by Allyson Williams

abril-jaltemba-robhomeMarch 2014 ● Rob’s Ramblings: Helping “Pets for Life” at the San Blas Spay/Neuter Clinic– Heather and I made a pact, as well as a promise to our friends at “Pets for Life,” that we would help out with their other local spay/neuter clinics as time allowed. Following this promise, we made the trip to San Blas, Nayarit last week to help with their second clinic this season held on March 19-22. Read More by Rob Erickson

abril-jaltembahike-homeMarch 2014 ● Hike from Los Ayala to Punta Raza (North Beach) #2 – This Los Ayala/Punta Raza trail update was submitted by Lori Schneider-Wood from Sicamous, British Columbia. Lori leads this hike nearly every Tuesday between January to mid-April. On average, she has 6-20 hikers who join her each week. The group meets promptly at 8:30am at the south end of Los Ayala Beach, before the trail begins, and everyone is invited to join her. Read More by Lori Schneider Wood


jaltemba-jeanhomeMarch 2014 Meet Jane Maroni, Lo de Marcos Artist & Sculptor, and her Medium in MotionSpending an afternoon with Jane Maroni and Chris Nielsen at their Organic Design Studio in Lo de Marcos is an awe-inspiring experience. Their “eco-motion sculptures” are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Read more by Allyson Williams

jaltemba-naturehomeMarch 2014 Nature’s Changing Palette of Color Swimming in the sparkling waters of Bahia de Jaltemba interspersed with early morning jungle hikes comprise much of our group’s weekly activities, with the weekends reserved for downtown dining. The challenge being to determine just what our dining experience might be. Read more by John & Doreen Berg


jaltemba-tomilloshomeMarch 2014 Is Seasson: Tomillos/Salsa VerdeTomatillos are native to Mexico and are available year-round in Jaltemba Bay. Tomatillos are a staple in Mexican cuisine and are most often used to make salsa verde, a tangy green salsa served over tacos, tostadas, sopes, enchiladas and chilaquiles. Read more by Allyson Williams

jaltemba-ayalahomeMarch 2014 Magical Los AyalaThese photos were taken from my trip to Los Ayala, which is in the Nayarit Riviera of Mexico. I visited my parents who had a nice little place right on the beach. I really enjoyed the area, and all of the wonderful people. See photo gallery by

jaktembaquirks-homeFebruary 2014 Quirks of NatureIn addition to photographing birds, this year we became intrigued with the large numbers of butterflies and to date have photographed and identified more than fifty species. Their colours and flight patterns are mesmerizing. Some of these small delicate butterflies are merely two inches long and their erratic flight presents a huge challenge in getting the subject in focus. Read more by Ken & Bea Rauch

aFebruary 2014 Hiking “The Easy” Trail from Los AyalaThe dawn of a bright sunny Sunday morning motivated Doreen and I to leave our bungalow and hot coffee early to hike “The Easy” trail located above Los Ayala. This was our second exploratory hike of the season to determine which of the jungle trails were clear and suitable for forthcoming group hikes. With perspiration dripping from our brows, we crested the first hill to pause at the junction where three trails begin, for a water break before proceeding onto “The Easy” pathway. Read more by John & Doreen Berg

jaltembapvsleepwell-homeFebruary 2014 PV Sleep Well: Sleep Apnea and Heart DiseaseSleep apnea and its main symptom – loud snoring – have long been viewed as an annoyance. Just ask someone who has to share a room with a loud snorer if sleep apnea is a problem. But there’s growing evidence that sleep apnea isn’t just annoying; it can be bad for your heart, too. Read more by Rhnee Mohan

jaltembaplatanitos-homeFebruary 2014 Platanitos Amongst “Five Beaches to Discover on the Pacific Coast” of Mexico – The recommendations for the Riviera Nayarit keep on coming! This time the kudos come from, an international website which focuses on music, art, travel, nightlife, cocktail culture, mixology, fashion and global interests. Read more by Riviera Nayarit CVB

jaltemba-valentineshomeFebruary 2014Where to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2014 in Jaltemba BayLove is in the air with Valentine’s Day being only two weeks away. Here in Mexico, it is often referred to as “El Día del Amor y la Amistad,” because both love and friendship are celebrated on this day. Read more by Jaltemba Bay Team

bridge-homeFebruary 2014● Maintenance on the “Bridge of Life” is ProgressingPhase 1 of the “Bridge of Life” maintenance was completed yesterday (Tuesday, January 21) as planned. Ten volunteers showed up to help and they successfully replaced the cables that run along both the top and bottom of the side fencing, as well as almost all of the vertical cables that attach to the main supporting cable under the wood planks. Read more by David Thompson

jaltemba-fajitas-homeJanuary 2014● Nayarit EATS: What Makes a Fajita Sizzle?Fajitas are a popular Mexican dish and are served throughout Jaltemba Bay and Riviera Nayarit. Some of the most authentic fajitas can be found at La Piña Loca Restaurante in Rincón de Guayabitos. They start by marinating and grilling your choice of shrimp, chicken or beef (or a combination of all three). Read more by Allyson Williams

jaltemba-jeep-homeJanuary 2014 ● Three Regional Special Needs Schools Travel to La Peñita as part of Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P)Over 100 children, parents, teachers and school directors from three special needs schools visited the Hilltop Refugio in La Peñita this past Thursday. George Leavitt, founder of Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.), and his team of volunteers are working hard to turn the Hilltop Refugio into a safe, fun and educational place for children, especially those with emotional and physical needs. Read more by Jaltemba Bay

jaltembatamales-homeJanuary 2014 ● The Local Art of Making Authentic Mexican TamalesWe were thrilled when we finally got the opportunity to watch the Valdivia-Muñiz family make tamales at their home in La Colonia a few weeks ago. My husband David discovered “Tamalería La Autentica” last season, and quite honestly, they make the best tamales we’ve ever tasted. Read more by Allyson Williams

rivieramexico-homeDecember 2013 ● Mexico Among the Top 14 Winter Destinations for CanadiansAccording to a study performed in early November by, Puerto Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit and Cancún-Riviera Maya were the two destinations that put Mexico squarely on the list of favorite vacation spots for Canadians during the wintertime. Read more

rivierablas-homeDecember 2013 ● San Blas, Latin America’s Birdwatching Paradise The port of San Blas was founded in the year 1768 by decree of King Charles III, crowned head of Spain. This year, this small town located just 2 hours and a half from Nuevo Vallarta, will celebrate its 245th year. Read more

rivierasummer-homeDecember 2013 ● Summer Numbers Predict An Excellent WinterThe talked-about increases in the Canadian tourist market coming to Mexico during the summer of 2013 predict an excellent winter season, according to the Director of the Canadian office of the Mexico Tourism Bureau (MTB), Rodrigo Esponda. Read more

rivieratravel-homeDecember 2013 ● Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta Brought 475 USA Travel Agents Up To Date on Destination NewsThe Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta convention and visitors bureaus were in Chicago from November 19-20 in order to participate in advertising and promotional campaigns at the Mast Sales Sensation and the ASTA Midwest Mexico events. Read more

jaltembapets-homeDecember 2013 ● Pets for Life Team was Well Equipped for the Spay & Neuter Clinic in San PanchoThanks to donations from Dr. Malcolm Macartney at McKenzie Veterinary Services in Victoria, BC, the Pets for Life Team now has full trays of surgical instruments as well as two new stainless steel surgery tables. This equipment was put to good use during the free spay and neuter clinic in San Pancho last week. Read more by Rob Erickson

jalmarietas-homeDecember 2013 ● Sailing to Las Islas MarietasAfter a busy 3½ day Spay & Neuter Clinic in Rincón de Guayabitos, with 243 animals sterilized and consultations performed, the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) Team took the day off to unwind on Islas Marietas (Marieta Islands) in Banderas Bay on Monday, Read more by Rob Erickson

wedding-homeNovember 2013 ● Your Beach Wedding… Important ConsiderationsThe Riviera Nayarit’s luxury is in the romance of its natural scenery. Love is truly what makes the world go round and your wedding is the best excuse to bring those closest to you to Mexico’s Most Romantic Destination, where they can enjoy the simple luxury of an unforgettable sunset and exceptional events by the light of the moon. Read more by The Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau

bucerias-homeNovember 2013 ● Bucerias!This is the first village you’ll encounter as you pass by Nuevo Vallarta and Flamingos; though it’s less than seven miles from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, it’s eons away from the worldly hustle and bustle. This picturesque town on the Pacific Coast offers a relaxed bohemian atmosphere wrapped in the vivid colors of Mother Nature. Read more by The Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau

catrina-homeNovember 2013 ● Dia de Muertos GlosaryDia de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead) is a 2-day holiday in which relatives celebrate the lives of those who have passed. November 1st is All Saints’ Day, when Mexicans pay homage to the souls of the children and November 2nd is All Souls’ Day, when the souls of those who died in adulthood are honored. Read more by Allyson Williams

sombrero-homeNovember 2013 ● Guayabitos Hay MenI have great admiration for the vendors who ply their trade on the beaches of Mexico. But the ones I affectionately call the Hat Men are very special to me. Their stamina and determination seem to know no bounds as day after day they make their way up and down the beach selling their wares. Read more by Jaltemba Bay

atole-homeNovember 2013 ● Atole de MasaAtole (pronounced ah-TOH-lay) is a warm corn masa drink found throughout Mexico and Central America. Mexican atole is traditionally served during Dia de los Muertos celebrations, and its chocolate version, champurrado, is popular at Christmastime. Read more by Allyson Williams

jaltemba-jala_homeOctober 2013 ● Jala-Puerto Vallarta Highway Construction ProgressesAccording to Nayaritenlí, data has been obtained from the Delegación Federal de la Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (Ministry of Communications and Transport) in Nayarit and confirms that the highway from Jala to Puerto Vallarta is under construction and is currently in the first of three stages of the national highway infrastructure program of the Federal Government. Read more by Jaltemba Bay Life

rivieranayarit-spot-homeOctober 2013 ● Riviera Nayarit, Highlighted during Apple Vacations Annual Trade ShowSpotlight was placed over Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta during Apple Vacations annual Trade Show that took place last September 10 in Chicago. The news announcing new flights form five cities in the US and seven awarded properties in the destination attracted the attention of travel agents. Read more by Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau

jaltembageorge_homeSeptember 2013 ● George and Loretta Leavitt, J.E.E.P. Founders, are recognized in the “2013 Real Heroes of Mexico”The MEXICO Report just announced the “2013 Real Heroes of Mexico.” This year’s book showcases 30 profiles of those making a difference in Mexico. We, at Jaltemba Bay Life, are thrilled to announce that George and Loretta Leavitt, founders of Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.) in La Peñita, are among those being recognized. Read more by Jaltemba Bay Life

rivierabest_homeSeptember 2013 ● Riviera Nayarit attracted over 37.000 tourists attending special events and conventionsRiviera Nayarit hosted 280 special events and conventions, including the participation of 37,483 tourists that represent 7% of the total visitors during the first semester of 2013, helping to accomplish the goals that Governor Roberto Sandoval has set on the benefit of Nayarit. Read more by Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau

jaltembadrive_homeSeptember 2013 Rob’s Ramblings: Drive or Fly to Mexico?I recently had a conversation with a few people debating their first road-trip to Mexico this coming snow-bird season. It was a great discussion, with much debate on the pros and cons. Here are a few thoughts from this discussion. Read more by Rob Erickson

jaltembatejon_homeSeptember 2013 The Exotic Tejon (Coatimundi)It was a Sunday morning of BEAUTY. I picked up my good friend and headed to the Flamingos Resort in Bucerias. We were joining more friends for a lovely Champagne Brunch at El Tigre. Read more by Shara Walker

August 2013 Build It and They Will Come: La Peñita’s New Malecón is “Unofficially” Open – The phrase “build it and they will come” is exactly what is happening in La Peñita these days. It has been quite a journey the last several months, as we’ve all watched with great anticipation while the new malecón in La Peñita was being constructed. Even though the official inauguration has not taken place yet, the people of La Peñita are already taking advantage of this wonderful new addition to their town. Read more by Allyson Williams

jal-picaso-homeAugust 2013 A Reflection by Picasso – Thankfully, I found my “gift” many years ago. At first, I reveled in the discovery of how amazing it is to express your emotions through artwork. Then there was the multitude of mediums to explore. That kept me busy for years. However, the best part of finding your “gift” is truly giving it away! Read more by Jo Lorimer
jal-summer-homeAugust 2013 Surviving the Summer in Jaltemba Bay – The Rewards & Challenges – For me, the rainy season brings both rewards and challenges, some of which I shall recount here… You be the Judge and decide which is which. Let’s begin with the glorious greening of the surrounding countryside, the cooling off effect of the rains (as temporary as that is), and the re-emergence of a number of unusual critters. Read more by Christina Stobbs

jaltembarob_homeAugust 2013 Rob’s Ramblings: Don’t Forget Property Taxes! – Many folks from up-north will be paying their property tax bills over the next few weeks. In one Canadian community, the city council is dealing with double-digit tax increases to recover from the loss of a major employer/tax cash-cowRead more by Rob Erickson

jaltembacharcol_homeAugust 2013 An Adventure to Find the Charcoal Ovens – It was a bright and beautiful morning. I bounced out of bed with the excitement of the day that laid before me. I had been invited by Tom Plattenberger to go on an ADVENTURE, and knowing how he loves to drive up into the mountains and seek out new and different things here in this beloved country… I WAS READY! Read more by Sarah Walker

tomatlan_homeJune 2013 ● Rob’s Ramblings: Hike to Boca de Tomatlan and Las Animas – Do you want to get some more exercise and get to know the surrounding area a bit better? This article is about a few area hikes, one south and one north of Jaltemba Bay. One is fairly easy and the other fairly strenuous, but both will take you into some fantastic scenery and through some other views of Mexican life.Read more by Rob Erickson

jaltembajune_homeJune 2013 ● June in Jaltemba Bay –  June marks the beginning of the dizzyingly hot weather with temperatures often rising above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (30°C) in the shade. However, the heat of June is not that uncomfortable, as the humidity is nowhere near the levels experienced in August and SeptemberRead more by Chrisina Stobbs.

plumeria_homeJune 2013 ● In Bloom: Plumeria (Part 1 & 2) – Plumeria, also known as Frangipani and Flor de Mayo, is native to Mexico. In the Jaltemba Bay area, they bloom in the spring and their beautiful fragrant flowers range from white and yellow to pink. They are deciduous plants so they drop their leaves in the fall and winter monthsRead more by Allyson Williams

equine_homeJune 2013 ● Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P) Unites Special Horses with Special Needs Children – When George Leavitt, founder of Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.), says “mis caballos especiales están aquí para sus niños muy especiales, de mi corazon,” he really means it.Read more by Allyson Williams

jaltemba_homeJunes 2013 ● What in the World Do You Do in Mexico? – The other day I had a delightful visit with my niece Jenn. It was one of those “catching up” sessions. I had been gone for almost 3 months to my home in Mexico. The question came up, “Aunt Wendy, what do you DO with your time down there?” After rattling off a few items to justify my existence, we moved onto other conversationRead more by Wendy DeBer

copper_homeJune 2013 ● La Peñita Quad Squad Rides the Copper Canyon – Some people dream about their retirement and some people live their retirement. The quading group in the La Peñita RV Park live their retirement. What started out with just four or five quads in the RV park years ago has expanded to over 20 quads plus UTVsRead more by The Jaltemba Bay Life


April 2013 ● Riviera Nayarit, magic that goes beyond the myth A paradise where nature is truly surprising – the Marietas Islands and its surroundings are some of the jewels of Mexico’s Pacific Treasure. There is a common misconception that makes this destination even more surprising. Read more by The Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau

rivieraaguas_homeApril 2013 ● The Aguas Abiertas Riviera Nayarit NadoSeguro competition is back Marina Riviera Nayarit in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle will host competitions of up to 5K, which will take place next April 27. In Riviera Nayarit luxury means adventure, and 500 swimmers from all categories are expected to participate in the third edition of the Aguas Abiertas. Read more by The Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau

rivieratexas_homeApril 2013 ● Riviera Nayarit will put its Texan boots on!The 9th edition of the Texas Music Festival will take place on June 11 to 18 in Mexico’s Pacific Treasure. In Riviera Nayarit luxury means music, and music has allowed us to celebrate the Texas Music Festival in our destination for the last nine years. Read more by The Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau

mexico_homeMarch 2013 ● Mexico will be a World Tourist Power: Enrique Peña Nieto – During the presentation of the National Tourism Policy, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that the actions of the Federal Government regarding tourism will focus on creating a safe environment for travelers in the country. Read more

jaltembalegend_homeMarch 2013 ● Los Ayala Legends and Folklore –  The following legends and folklore of Los Ayala were translated from the book “Playa Los Ayala: Memorias de mi Pueblo” written by J. Jesús Carranza Diaz. This little gem of a book is filled with history and charming stories about Los Ayala. Read more by Christina Stobbs

jaltembatosia_homeMarch 2013 ● Tosia’s View: Day Trip Adventure to Playa NaranjoOne of the local beaches we love spending time on is Playa Naranjo, located about 6 kilometers northwards, as the crow flies, up the coast from La Peñita. Read more by Tosia Archer

jaltemba_home1March 2013 ● Exploring On Our OwnWhat do you do when it’s cloudy in paradise? You go for a hike in the back country where you have never been before. Four amigos headed up the back roads behind La Peñita looking for the road to La Rosa. Read more by Jaltemba Bay Life

jaltemba_homeMarch 2013 ● Los Amigos de Jaltemba Announces Fiesta 2013: 50′s-60′s Rock ‘N Roll PartyLos Amigos de Jaltemba invites you to an end of the year 50′s and 60′s Rock ‘N Roll Party” on March 19. Pull out those white t-shirts, rolled up blue jeans, poodle skirts, scarves and bobbie socks. Read more by Allyson Williams.

jaltemba_homeFebruary 2013 ● Reality of Life in MexicoAfter living here for a number of years, we have somehow managed to turn a blind eye to some of the day-to-day things that those from up-north find shocking. So, this article is about, heaven forbid, Reality. Read more by Rob Erickson.

riviera_homeFebruary 2013 ● 8th Annual Festival Artístico Cultural in Rincón de GuayabitosThe Artistic and Cultural Festival of Rincón de Guayabitos is presenting a very complete program to celebrate every Saturday in February. In Riviera Nayarit, culture is our luxury. Read more

penitamalecon_homeFebruary 2013 ● La Peñita Malecón Construction is Proceeding in Earnest – The work on the new malecón in La Peñita has been progressing, albeit not as quickly nor as timely as was originally promised. Tearing up the two one-way streets leading down to the beach and back has taken a lot longer than at first thought. Read more by David Thompson

Tianguis_homeFebruary 2013 ● Tiangus in La Peñita: An Extraordinary Shopping Experience!The Tianguis in La Peñita de Jaltemba is a large open air market, full of colour, culture, tempting aromas and shopping at prices that will make you grin from ear to ear! Definitely, a must see if you are on vacation in Jaltemba Bay, Nayarit! Read more by Christina Stobbs

jaltemba_homeDecember 2012 ● Hiking the Petroglyphs at Alta VistaThe petroglyphs at Alta Vista are well worth visiting. They are located about 35 minutes north of Rincón de Guayabitos and La Peñita. There, one can hike the ancient trails of the Huichol Indians at the archeological site of La Pila del Rey (The King’s Fountain) along the Las Piletas Creek and El Copo Volcano. Read Article by Allyson Williams

From The NorthMy Ever-Changing View of Jaltemba Bay: Part 1My husband and I bought our property up near El Tonino specifically for the View. I capitalize the word “View” because to me it is a particular something that requires recognition, to be set aside from just any other view. I knew it was the property for us as soon as I stood amongst the guanabana fruit trees and stared out over the Pacific ocean. Read Article by Tosia Archer. November 10, 2012

From The NorthPet Travel UpdateLast week, I flew from the US to Puerto Vallarta with my pups for the first time since the new regulations were implemented. Anyone traveling with pets is now required to stop at the SAGARPA/SENASICA Office at your port of entry (the office in PV is located before the baggage claim area). Read Article by Allyson William. November 12,

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