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Galeria Colibri
galeriacolbri_homeA beautiful eclectic mix of decorative items ranging from renowned Ken Edwards and Mata Ortiz pottery to color blown-glass glasses and decanters, to a multitude of items from the much celebrated Day of the Dead and much more. Please click here to visit the Galeria Colibri Website

Galleria Dante
dante_directoryOwned and operated by Claire and Joe Guarniere, the gallery that resides in an old hacienda and sculpture garden located in Old Town Basilio Badillo Street, features an eclectic and interesting collection of classical, contemporary, and abstract original artwork by more than 50 artists. 6,000-square-foot art gallery (largest in Puerto Vallarta), specializes in original works by contemporary sculptors from all over Mexico. Please click here to visit the galleria website.


Federico Leon de la Vega Estudio-Art Gallery
federico-linkContemporary Estudio-Art Gallery of Federico Leon-de-la-Vega located in Nuevo Vallarta collects beauty from everyday life. Women, ocean, country scenes, chairs, fruits, flowers and other common subjects are usual inspiration for his colorful paintings. Federico personally welcomes guests to his Estudio-Art Gallery during high season in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. Please click here to visit the estudio and art gallery website.

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