Experience The Gastronomy

Experience Our Gastronomy

Puerto Vallarta Gastronomy – Photo by Harvest Estudio

Let us start with the beginning. I must say that the origin and source of any gastronomical culture is found in home cooking. From one generation to another, families will shape their own culture, a special way to prepare the different dishes, to season them, to garnish them, to preserve them, to serve them and to sample them. The recipes of the great-grandmother and of the grandmother reach the home of the mother like a sacred tradition. Each family has its own traditions to celebrate birthdays, sweet 16 parties, baptisms, weddings. And the precious extreme is reached of having it own form and way to mount the table, to select the table linens, to seat the companions around the sacred altar of food. It is a pity that not all families keep a cookbook of all the meals and traditions because then we would have the same culinary order as the French. Compotes, jams, fruits in vinegar, all prepared according to the family formula, fill the pantries of the Mexicans as well as the French. These traditions go beyond food, they also take over certain procedures related to drinks like eggnog, coffee, mint or pomegranate liquors, curaditos, mezcales, pulques and many more.

Puerto Vallarta, Costa Alegre and Riviera Nayarit smells delicious, rich, capricious, it smells of butter, of olive oil, of small onions and parsley. It smells of good costumes, of good manners, of refinement. It smells of fancy, of refined palates, of happy people.

Experience Gastronomy

Puerto Vallarta Gastronomy – Photo by Harvest Estudio

Problems, sure there are always problems, but in our beautiful destination the one of today is a pleasant one, a problem of decision: where do I go? What do I prefer to sample, fish or veal? Duck or venison? Goose liver or salmon? Cream of Oyster or prawn soup?

It is good for everyone to know. Puerto Vallarta, Costa Alegre and Riviera Nayarit are the seat of the best restaurants, as a matter of fact together with Mexico City our region it is considered the travel destination with the most and best restaurants, from the most sophisticated to the most traditional, with all kinds of specialties, French cuisine, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Evolution, Fusions.

Restaurants from the most casual and informal to the most elegant and sophisticated, garden restaurants, folk restaurants, traditional lounges, cafeterias, cafes and anything you want.


Kaiser Maximilian
Kaiser Maximilian
Owner Andreas Rupprechter combines his extensive experience in Europe and Mexico with a great crew of dynamic chefs. Together, they have created a menu that merges new and old world cuisine. Please clcik here to visit the Kaiser Maximilian Website

Restaurant Rio Grande
Rio GrandeDiscover seafood like you never tasted before!. Unique concept of combining great food (Seafood and Mexican Dishes), superior service, and a coastal and comfortable environment has made Rio Grande one of the most preffered restaurants in Puerto Vallarta since 1984. First to offer Zarandeado fish and shrimp empanadas in the region!. Please clcik here to visit the Rio Grande Restaurant Website

The Culinary Project
Culinary ProjectFor Weddings and Cataring services, an innovative company that offers services of high kitchen for special ocasions and/or private events. We are disposal to satisfy all your needs. Private Chefs, Catering, Yachts and Inflight Catering, are some of our specialized services. Your project is our pasion. Please click here to visit the Culinary Project Website


Estudio – Café
Estudio CafeA magnificent Restaurant and Art Gallery. An open and very “chic” place overlooking the Marina, located on the south edge in the Marina of Nuevo Vallarta. Ideal to enjoy delicious breakfasts, lunch and/or dinner. Located in the Marina of Nuevo Vallarta. It is mandatory to visit the art gallery where Federico Leon de la Vega and friends permanently displayed. Open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm., Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. This is a chic waterfront restaurant. Is Mexican/Spanish and no-nonsense. All ingredients are fresh and cooked on the day. Please click here to visit the Estudio-Café Restaurant and Art Gallery Website

Xocolatl Roberto’s
xocolatl_logoFusion of Mexican Flavors Restaurant in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Created by Roberto Castellon and Raul Rabago. with original recipes that delight its guests, the restaurant is perfect to be impacted by the authentic cuisine, great service  and the breathtaking views of the bay. Open for lunch and Dinner. Please click here to visit the Xocolatl Website

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