September 2013 ● What to expect from a wedding planner

By Priscilla and Héctor Arminio • September 2013

There are several wedding planners in Puerto Vallarta due to the high demand and the factor that most of the couples getting married here are foreigners, and they need someone to help them organize their event, the most important functions and obligations of a wedding planner are:

● Wedding Design and Style Consulting
● Wedding Budget and Timing.
● Negotiation and Supplier Management.
● Coordination of the religious, legal and spiritual ceremony.
● Wedding Logistic and payments.
● During the wedding day:
– Follow up of wedding schedule
– Suppliers and setting supervision
– Attention to The Client and their guests till the end of the wedding

Advantages of hiring a Wedding Planner:

Getting Married in Vallarta

Getting Married in Vallarta

There are a lot of advantages, among the most important are:

  • The groom and the bride can enjoy all the organization of their event without stress, knowing that a specialist is the one that is taking care of everything “in situation”
  • During the wedding day, te coordinator will be the one in charge of everything, solving any possible problem that could  happen and the couple and their families will not have to worry about anything
  • The wedding planner will take care of the couple budget as if the money is getting out from its own pocket
  • Your coordinator will show you the best suppliers according to the clients preferences and budget (location, music, flowers, catering, photo and video, fireworks, etc.)
  • The couple will obtain the best prices an benefits from the suppliers through their wedding planner, sometimes the wedding planner can obtain discounts near 40% off the price.
  • During the wedding they will stay at all times making sure that everything runs smoothly, always watching for the interest of their client
  • The wedding planner don’t do any distinction between foreign and Mexicans, the prices are always the same

All the weddings of a wedding planner will be different as they will design them to suit any desires and every budget, the packages are for people that don’t want to get involved in the organization of their events come true with the best quality in the best price, doing this they will have happy clients and suppliers.

If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us we are professional wedding planners and consultants.

Priscilla and Héxtor Arminio – Founders of Prisar Eventos
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lotipoprisarPrisar Eventos: Professional wedding planners in Puerto Vallarta, with expertise on the planning, organization and supervision of events and weddings. Please click here to visit Prisar Eventos Website

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