April 2013 ● The Best Dental Care

VALLARTA HEALTH ● April 2013 ● Article by Dr. Noel Rivas

When we plan to purchase something, we would like to get the best for our investment. Don’t we?

If we plan to buy a product, we are able to see the item; its color, shape, size, weight, even the smell before we decide which product we want.

pvsmile_2When buying a service we cannot anticipate the outcome. If you go to a baseball game you cannot for see if it is going to be interesting or boring. Even getting your haircut can be disappointing or make you happy, but you won’t know until it is done.

What you do to avoid disappointment when getting a service? You ask others  for references.

When you put your health and well being in the hands of a dental professional you do the same. Don’t you?

Your friends and family can give you good references but even then you have to be cautious because they, unfortunately, are not dental experts. They can tell about their experiences but they cannot evaluate the dental work.

I am a dental professional with over 30 years of clinical practice and along this time I’ve learn something about the best dentistry:

pvsmile_31.- Remember that you will live with the dental treatment outcome the rest of your life. Or pay to get it corrected

2.- Remember that tooth natural tissues once lost they are lost forever

3.- Remember that no dental restoration is forever and you will have to replace or modify it sometime in the future.

4.- The best dentistry is not the more extensive nor the more expensive, but the more conservative

5.- Ask your dentist to give your teeth the more chances to remain natural: Ask him about the better “mileage” he can give you:

Small bonding fillings instead of traditional silver fillings
Non prep veneers instead of prep veneers or crowns
When possible an inlay or on-lay instead of a crown

When there is no other choice but a crown insist in all ceramic bonded instead of metal and porcelain.

When replacing a missing tooth, it is more conservative to have an implant and crown than a bridge.

Dr. Noel Rivas


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