noelrivas_homeMay 2013 ● What 7 Benefits Come With Dental ImplantsHer cheeky smile lit up the room, warmed the hearts of listeners and revived the twinkle in the eyes of this aged woman and her life-time friends. They discovered that the simple pleasures in life were not lost forever; they discovered the marvelous blessings dental implants brought to their lives even then. Read more

pvsmile_homeApril 2013 ● The Best Dental CareWhen we plan to purchase something, we would like to get the best for our investment. Don’t we? If we plan to buy a product, we are able to see the item; its color, shape, size, weight, even the smell before we decide which product we want. When buying a service we cannot anticipate the outcome. If you go to a baseball game you cannot for see if it is going to be interesting or boring. Read more

pvsmile_homeFebruary 2013 ● 6 Benefits of Implant Supported DenturesAs an adult, worse than suffering the loss of a single tooth due to an accident of some sort, losing all your natural teeth can be heart-wrenching and devastating; it robs you of a simple joy of life which is – smiling. Read more

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