by Patti Hoech

pattybeach-homeJanuary 2014 ● A True Beach House…The soft diaphanous salt air wafts through the open concept of this simple yet effective architectural design – would that it had gauze draping the sides to illustrate the motion of the ever so soft breeze. Thatch top still green from the recent construction, sturdy crooked legs like that of the broken men who braved the seas and might have found themselves beached here to build this primitive, yet artistic structure. Read more by Patty Says


patti_homeMarch 2013 ● Late Snowstorm and the Context of DesignSo it becomes very apparent – design is contextual.  Whether with architectural style and the context in which it occurs, or geographical context against which it is presented, I always stress thatAnd it is no more apparent than when traveling between different temperature zones. Read more by Patti Says

patti_home-febFebruary 2013 ● WARM and SPICY Chases Away the COLDColor matters! – Whether winter where you are is freezing, cool, warm or even hot – the art of color and flavor will brighten you winter scene with table dressings full of color and spicy warm flavors. Specifically to escape the cold, color can be a key. Read more

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