colibri-homeJanuary 2014 ● How We found Puerto Vallarta in a Changing WorldWell, my wife and I have landed in Puerto Vallarta and this time, finally, we think it’s for good. I think it will depend a lot upon how much the love of art in this wonderful place will continue to decline and how much Puerto Vallarta becomes a commercial port. The new customs warehouse and the four lane freeway being built between here and Guadalajara give us cause for some concern. Read more

colibri-homeDecember 2013 ● The Tale of TalaveraThe name Talavera was brought to Mexico from Spain in the early colonial days, as one of the earliest forms of out-sourcing. It signified a traditional style of pottery that was being produced in Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, Spain. Since its transplant to Mexico  it has grown to mean much more. Read more

endless-homeNovember 2013 ● Cajón de Peñas Dam – A place of water with its own enchantmentDams have always held a special attraction for humans. Constructed many years ago with the purpose of supplying the population with sufficient water during the dry season they quickly turned into recreational and resting areas for families. The Cajon de Pena Dam, which was built in the year 1976 and can be found in the southern part of Jalisco, is not an exception. Read more

maleconart-homeSeptember 2013 ● Puerto Vallarta’s “Malecón” (bordwalk by the water)… A Sculptural TourOur extended and refurbished “malecón” has brought about results one can spot at first sight. The appearance of downtown Puerto Vallarta has changed and, though it brings nostalgic sighs to some, most agree that its new look is equally captivating. The fact is that our “malecón” continues to be the most popular and familiar walk to see and be seen. Standing out among its widened walkways are the works that have made it Mexico’s most original, public open air sculptural museum. Read more

colibri-homeAugust 2013 ● Functional Art Part 2 – Outdoor Living – There’s a lot to be said about being outdoors in our part of the world. Marianne and I live here year round and we find that a breeze and shade are about all the air conditioning we ever need. The flowers are blooming, the birds singing and the hummingbirds constantly flit through the coleus flowers we have on the patio. It is also the best way to enjoy the natural symphony that the monsoon brings this time of year. Read more

colibri_homeJuly 2013 ● The Dance Masks of The Tastoanes – With their frightening spider and snake covered masks, and savage garb, the Tastoan dancers commemorate the Battle of Tonalá every year on July 25, the feast day of Santiago (St.James). The Indian revolt occurred in 1541, shortly after the Spanish, led by Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán, conquered and occupied the old kingdom of the Tonaltecas. This area is now known as Tonalá, a suburb of Guadalajara. Read more

colibri_homeJune 2013 ● Ken Edwards StonewareBorn in Kansas City, Ken Edwards graduated from the K.C. Fine Arts Institute. He then studied in the Far East where he mastered the use of high-fired glazes and special clays. In the late 1950’s, he moved to Guadalajara, & began experimenting with many types of pottery, collaborating with some of the ceramicists who are, like himself, today considered “National Treasures of Mexico”. Read more

colibri_homeMay 2013 ● Functional Art Part 1 – The Pedestal Bed – As summer approaches, so do the rains and the humidity. Along with these comes one of the largest problems we face in our little paradise, that of mold and mildew. Especially if someone is planning to lock up their home and hope for the best, replacing mattresses and pillows in the fall can become a ritual. Read more

colibri_homeMarch 2013 ● Saltillo Tile Floors, Care and FeedingHaving spent nearly half my life building in the Sonoran and Mojave deserts, one true love is Saltillo tile floors. Walk into a home, bar or restaurant with a good, rich Saltillo floor and the temperature seems to drop 10 degrees. Read more by Tom Swanson

vallarta_homeFebruary 2013 ● Why you need to visit Puerto Vallarta this year!When someone mentions the name Puerto Vallarta, most people automatically think of beautiful beaches, azure seas and blue skies. That is certainly not far from the truth. Read more by Dave Stephenson

rasones_homeFebruary 2013 ● 3 Reasons Puerto Vallarta is Mexico’s Best Beach Town Crystal blue water, vine-hung foothills and an idyllic old town have made Puerto Vallarta one of Mexico’s most popular travel destinations. A story that is not current but it highlights a truth of our beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Read more by FoxNews

eduardo_homeJanuary 2013 ● Things a man will do for a beer…On Christmas Day I got up rather late but wanting to make it a special day. After breakfast I asked my friend and compadre Chopon to go with me to Nuevo Vallarta. No. I insisted serveral times. No. Last call. No. Well, goodbye. Read the Story by Eduardo Rincón Gallardo

Endless DiscoveringSeptember 2012 ● Canopy River: the Cuale, from a different perspectiveThe summer rains have made the mountains blossom with the brightest greens one can imagine, it is a true explosion of colors your eyes have a hard time adjusting to. Read Article

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