September 2013 ● New Artists at Galleria Dante & Our Summer Sale Continues!

Our Summer Sale Continues!

Everything 20-40% Off
Sale Ends October 31, 2013

We are expanding in October! Due to construction, our artists are temporarily offering discounts on all their works. All artists are participating to some extent – including our 5 NEW ARTISTS!

Our extensive Estate Sale includes works by Patrick Denoun, Federico Leon de la Vega, Alejandro Colunga, Alejandro Mondria, Guillermo Gomez, Luis Espiridion, Tellosa, Vea Xiradakis and others!

Galleria Dante will be closed September 1-30th…
…but don’t let that stop you if you want to visit!

We will be at the Gallery sprucing things up (M-F 9am-5pm), so if you would like to stop by, just give us a call or knock on the door!

Welcome to our new artists:

Enrique Loza

By Enrique LozaWas born in Guadalajara where he studied design and later worked as a professional photographer. His work is inspired by magical reason, welcoming the figurative. Of his work Loza says, “I like the intensity of color and I think my influence comes from a cross between the Mexican and the Arab African. I have never taken a formal painting class. I want to be recognized for my originality.”

Richard Boutin
s French Canadian artist from Quebec, but he has been living and working in Puerto Vallarta for two years. Boutin began his artistic career creating and selling hand-drawn greeting cards before training in many different painting techniques and moving on to larger works in watercolors and oils.

Franco Belli
dante-francobelliIs a Peruvian born painter that now calls Rome, Italy his home. He studied painting at Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes de Lima and Universidad Mayor de San Marcos School of Art. Belli has had numerous exhibitions all over the world: Canada, USA, Spain, Panama, Austria, Barbados, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Belgium, Brazil.

s a sculptor from Guadalajara who makes small works as well as public art and monuments. She works primarily in steel, bronze and ceramic. For Dorantes, being a sculptor is a basic need, a lifeline, a handle on the uneasiness, a haven where one can go to have a good day. Her work is very diverse and intense, moving from the figurative and mystical abstraction to expressive simplicity. Most of her work is done in series, but series with no distinct beginning or ending.

Kenneth Rios
dante-kennetriosWas born in Lima, Perú, but now resides in Puerto Vallarta. Rios studied Art History and Painting at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and Universidad Central del Ecuador. He is mainly an abstract painter, and his work has been shown in Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain, Panama, Italy, Columbia United States and Mexico.

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Mon to Fri 10am – 5pm, closed Sat. and Sun.
Phone: 222-2477  (from U.S. or Canada add prefix 011-52-322)
Local Cel: 044-322-229-6648

Save on toll charges to Mexico by calling our Michigan based numbers: 269-282-9550 or 269-282-9750 or 269-282-995

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