June 2014 ● Galería Dante Special 30% OFF Sale, to Celebrate 30 Years of Creation.


To celebrate his thirty years of non stop creation, Yvan Genest launches a special discount sale to help him realize a long time dream, the publishing of a fabulous table book about his art, an illustrated anthology that will cover three decades of creation.

By Yvan Genest

By Yvan Genest

Yvan’s career as a painter had unconventional beginnings. At first, his artistic temperament drove him to music. From the age of 17, he traveled throughout Europe as a singer performer until his return to Montreal, many years later. But without the tradition of coffee shops & bars where one can sing, as in Paris, Yvan couldn’t make a decent living as a singer. So he started selling watercolours, door to door and on the street. This survival activity was the beginning of an unforeseen but fertile ground for his unique imagination.

Since his first watercolours, 30 years ago, Yvan has lived, painted and exhibited in many cities and countries, while building his unique iconography. He has created thousands of original paintings, drawings, watercolours, pastels, etchings, engravings and digital works.

Why this unique special sale now?

This unique sale will help to finance a period of time where Yvan will concentrate on the preparation of an anthology of his 30 years of painting. Yvan will use KickStarter funding platform to pay for the publishing of the book but, prior to this, he needs to work on the writing, the research, the photography and the editing of his anthology, all of which requires lots of time and professional collaborations.

Every person who will acquire an Yvan Genest’s painting during this special and unique sale will receive, at the end of the project, a special edition of Yvan’s anthology, including a signed original watercolour (6 po. X 8 po. min.). Each contributor’s name will also be mentioned in this special book, alongside a full page reproduction of the acquired painting.
This table anthology book will cover three decades of Yvan Genest’s art, including his European, American and Mexican periods. It will include many quotes (from Yvan but also from artists he admires) about art and the practice of art in general and in particular as well as a biography.

The anthology will be illustrated with hundred of photos of Yvan’s works and studios over the years.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a Yvan Genest painting while collaborating to the creation of a unique piece of anthology, a very special moment of a career of 30 years of non stop creation.


Mon to Fri 10am – 5pm, closed Sat. and Sun.
Phone: 222-2477 (from U.S. or Canada add prefix 011-52-322)
Local Cel: 044-322-229-6648
Website: http://www.galleriadante.com/

Save on toll charges to Mexico by calling our Michigan based numbers: 269-282-9550 or 269-282-9750 or 269-282-995

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