January 2014 ● Nina di Giovanni & Jean-Gabriel at Galleria Dante



Arbol de Vida

Arbol de Vida

Nina di Giovanni began her practice in mosaic in the 80s when living in Barcelona, Spain, where she fell in love with the idea of buildings as paintings vibrating in the urban landscape. Soon after she moved to Ravenna, Italy, to study traditional Roman and Byzantine techniques. She then set about on an eclectic path visiting ancient ruin sites in Europe, studying blown and fused glass and investigating resources which took her to church basements in Montreal and glass factories in Mexico. Coupled with her love of abstract expressionist paintings, folk art and the rainbow palette of Mexican textiles, her work is primarily a study of color and symbolism. She is also deeply influenced by traditional Native American art forms. Themes that infuse her work are nature, duality, symbolism, reflection and natural elements. This show will include irregular mosaic panels that are reminiscent of Joseph Albers funky glasswork. Many of the new irregular-shaped works are made of recycled materials, including melted beer and wine bottles. Also included are more of her brightly colored mosaic chakras encased in polished stainless steel frames, that were a big hit last season. The centerpiece of this show, her “Tree of Life”, is full of lapiz from Afghanistan, green garnet and gold to name just a few of the materials used to create this masterpiece. Born in Canada, but a traveler of the world, Nina relates herself to her work stating, “My path has also been colored by my multi-cultural heritage, as I am the daughter of a Spanish-Mexican mother and an Italian father.”




Jean-Gabriel Lambert, born in Montreal, Canada, first came into the public eye through acting and dance. Later, he added writing and singing to his artistic accomplishments and soon after, in a natural progression, he began drawing and painting. The future of humanity and our relationship with the other provide his creative motivation. Love, friendship and communication are both bearers of meaning and the impetus to act. Again and again, his canvases interweave intimate stories and universal issues. We imagine ourselves floating above an immense landscape, and at the same time, we see a wound on a body. The paint is laid on densely, darkly, with blues the color of night bordering with beaches, like waves of serenity. An entire series was painted in honor of his mother, Madeleine. Another series is based on views of Conchas Chinas. The human form is never very far away. Often, figures insinuate themselves into the paintings, taking shape through the abstract gestural flux. Figurative images rise to the surface: here we see a mouth and there, a body…leaving the work open and in movement. His artistic expression continues to emerge and assert itself as he moves forward in life. The artistic journey that he embarked upon twenty-five years ago has led him around the word in a quest for inspiration. In 1999, he fell in love with the Mexican people during his initial visit to Vallarta, and for the first time added the color yellow into his work. He continues to be inspired by the light and colors of its spectacular natural environment and its’ people. He now paints here on his annual pilgrimages to Vallarta.


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