January 2013 – Héctor Ponce Jimenez at Galeria Ambos

ambosgallery_logoAmbos Galeria Presents: Héctor Jimenez Pnce

Galeria Ambos is excited to be showing the artwork of Hector Ponce Jimenez,  throught January 11rh to coincide with Basilio Badillo’s South Side Shuffle.

Héctor Jimenez Ponce

Héctor Jimenez Ponce

Hector’s brilliant paintings are a mixture of ancient traditions and contemporary elements translating the everyday into the mystic and the playful, giving Ponce the perfect way to transport to his paintings all the characters that inhabit his dreams.  Ponce quests to touch upon popular myths and legends, in which the absence of cultural barriers allows indigenous Nahual people to interact with varied mythical characters in the same space.  In Ponce’s ulniverse they coexist in perfect harmony.

amboshector_2Ponce’s work does not respect established norms, nor allow itself to be influenced by current trends although it possesses its own distinctly contemporary message: a mixture of his passion  for theatre and science fiction.  Ponce converts anonymous beings into protagonists of his work, adornd with color and texture, creating an optical equilibrium that traps and invites onlookers to explore inside the painting in search of indecipherable (codices) and coded signs (signals).  The observer feels unsure if what they’re viewing is caused by a technical accident, or artistic certainty.  The artist indicates that these  are the same characters that whisper their color and form into his ear, allowing him to be swept away by his dreams.  He only needs to recreate what was dictated to him by his “habitants internos.”  They desire to come out and ask him to put them on display for human eyes.

Laura Grace Barrett
Ambos Galeria
261 Basilio Badillo Puerto Vallarta
Phone: 322-222-3520
Website: www.ambosgaleria.com
11-2 and 4-7 Tuesday–Friday
11-2 and 6-10 on Basilio Badillo Southside Shuffle Fridays
11-2 Saturdays

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