February 2013 ● Three Artists at Galleria Dante


Cherie Sibley, Javier Zepeda & David Zepeda
exhibits open
Friday, February 8th, cocktails 6pm to 10p

galleriadante_1CherieSibley, a native of Louisiana, but a long time resident of Vallarta, believes, like her mentor Robert Henri, that “Art is Painting, not painted”. “When I look at a potential subject for a painting, I see contrast – how the light is hitting the subject matter… how the colors of the subject interact and vibrate with or against each other… how the light and the dark work together to create excitement.” “Pelecanus occidentales (Pacific Brown Pelican) Pelicans have always been a thrill to paint.  Each and every one is a master aviator and diver.   They are an endless source of inspiration providing thousands of poses to choose from.  Besides painting them, I have grown to respect them for their unique shapes and abilities to wheel, turn and dive in split second time.  I have observed them skimming towering waves, jumping waves to avoid the crests, flipping upside down at the last minute before entering the water after that choice batch of sardines.  I have had in my mind to capture the moment when they go into “feeding frenzy” mode, literally diving in on top of each other.  It took 3 years but I finally achieved my goal and the product is before you. Whether they are calmly floating on the waves or diving madly into the waves, they never cease to thrill me. I hope my paintings inspire you to look at Pelicans, and all birds, a little closer the next time you encounter them.  Their crazy design and goofy looks will no doubt bring a smile to your face, as well as earn a little of your respect.” http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151394228940939.451253.153286505938&type=1&l=b6920d1e0a

galleriadante_2Javier Zzepda – born in Garita, Jalisco 1969 is a self-taught artist. His passion for artistic creations began when he was very young. But it has only been the last 10 years that he has dedicated his time to the creation of sculptures. He is somewhat of an inventor, always experimenting. Given a problem to solve by master artist, Israel Zzepda, he searches for a solution. Wanting to create unique works of art, he dabbled with many mediums: wood, metal, clay, found objects, car parts, bronze, paper mache; finally settling on “Alaba Stone”.  The idea of transforming common objects into something to dazzle the public.  His new works are unique pieces in cast aluminum, but also a few in – manmade stone – a combination of crushed alabaster and polymers, heated to petrify it, then filed, sanded and shaped to form unique works of art. To him and his brothers, constant companions, all artists, they strive, challenging each other, to make a lasting mark in the art world.  “I am in love with life, every day is an opportunity to crystallize my emotions and feelings at creating new projects. Even though time never seems to be enough a appreciate every second, each minute creating what I want and desire, I am in constant motion” http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151394220550939.451250.153286505938&type=1&l=4af54f9a7f

galleriadante_3David Zepeda– born August 1979 in Guadalajara, began his studies, formal drawing and painting under the direction of Professor Israel Zzepda in 1995. David has been exhibiting, in individual and group showing since 2002.  His passion for drawing, began at the age of 5. Plagued by health issues most of his life, his mentor helped him overcome his frustrations by channeling his ability and potential as a painter. He has found a balance in his life thru, tae kwon do, which has given him the health and mental clarity that has contributed greatly, and been the perfect complement to his art projects. “I love both painting in general and its diverse manifestations as well as the other fine arts, sculpture, film, theater, poetry, literature and music, trying to keep in constant contact with each.”  David, also has a love of the romance languages, especially Italian. “vivo per lei”, a beautiful language that enriches him artistically and is presented, in part, directly and indirectly together with the painting, equally beautiful, the rich and engaging romance languages.  Al I know is that I paint out of necessity. to complement myself with and through painting, my extroversion, literature and fantasy, which define my being and feeling without more consideration. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151394225605939.451251.153286505938&type=1&l=9f6dae3f9a

Andante Art openings
22  FEB 2013
– Guillermo Gomez

Galleria Dante Art openings
22 FEB 2013 – Kathleen Carrillo and Andy Marcus
8 MARCH 2013 – Luis Valui & Jorge Coste
22 MARCH 2013 – Jean-Gabriel Lambert & Brewster Brockmann

To view works prior to the event, visit: www.galleriadante.com
Gallery Hours: 10 am to 5 pm – Monday to Friday
or by appointment

Save on toll charges to Mexico by calling our Michigan based numbers: (269)-282-8926 or  810 43 DANTE or (269)-282-6865 or (269)-282-8576

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