February 2013 ● Evelyne Boren at Galerie des Artistes

galeriedesartistesOpening, February 22, 2013 from 7-9 pm

Evelyne Boren has been a professional Artist for over 45 years. This year she is celebrating 41 years of exhibiting her work in Puerto Vallarta with a group of oil and watercolor paintings where she portrays the light, colors and textures of her varied surroundings.

Evelyne Boren 01Born in Munich, Germany at the beginning of World War Two, she immigrated to the United States in 1958. During her colorful career as an underwater stunt woman in the motion picture business in the 1960s, she started painting. Boren saturates her life and paintings with color and heightens the visual impact of some of the most beautiful scenes in the world. She was an Underwater stunt double in the James Bond films “Thunderball” and “You Only Live Twice” She was the first woman to ride a Killer whale in “Namu The Killer Whale” and she appeared frequently in the television series Sea Hunt and Aquanauts and Flipper.

While residing in La Jolla, Cal. in the early 1960s she became a charter member of the San Diego Watercolor society. Evelyne is a member of Alla Prima International [API]. She has sold over 4000 original paintings to date.

Evelyne Boren 02Her range of interests encompass Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she lives most of the year, and Sayulita, Mexico where she resides in the winter. In the spring and fall Evelyne travels to Europe to paint and give watercolor classes. In the spring she travels to France, where she has been teaching a workshop in the Provence for the last 11 years. “Surrounded by the beauty of blooming lavender, poppies and Sunflowers: A feast for my eyes and my artistic palette”. Since fall 2005 she has made several trips to Europe, teaching in Tuscany as well. “A magnificent and very painterly part of the world the light and mood so different from Provence”. Last year she traveled through Central America and this visual adventure could not stay out of her artistic endeavours. The work she brings to us this year, with thick oils applied masterfully with palette knife, take us to the streets and markets of Peru. “My work is all about my love to share all the different feelings that emerge. How can I express them, tell the story and to capture the mood of the time of day, so different in each season in each country.”

She is a dynamic and prolific painter, whose much sought after work hangs in collections around the world.

Evelyne Boren 00

You can find Evelyne Boren’s work at Galerie des Artistes: Leona Vicario 248 Centro, Puerto Vallarta Tel: 322 223-0006  galeriedesartistes@yahoo.com

Evelyne Boren Website: http://www.evelyneboren.com

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