February 2013 ● 3 Fantastic Artists at Galleria Dante & Galleria AnDante


Guillermo Gomez,  Kathleen Carrillo & Andrew Marcus
exhibits open
Friday, February 22nd, cocktails 6 pm to 10 pm

danteguillermo_1GUILLERMO GOMEZ comments, “Although I live in Guadalajara, it’s in Puerto Vallarta that I really feel alive.” He was born in Guadalajara in 1959. He is the second of nine brothers and sisters from a conservative Mexican family. From an early age his admiration for nature trapped his attention, and with the interest of assimilating that which he learned, he began to draw. His participation in collective shows, local art festivals as well as single shows have won him prizes and recognition and the commission of monuments in his country as well as others. The theme of his works are primarily characters that are somewhat theatrical, recreational yet somewhat solemn, having the different facets of the human condition sometimes out of context, where the attitudes and characteristics of these characters forge another dimension, and try to open dialogue with the spectators to exchange life experiences.

Gómez honors the ability to navigate in life despite hardships or happenstance. “We need to appreciate those tiny details in our daily life,” he says, “and not give such great importance to the things we can’t do anything about.” Never lacking in humor, he not only pokes fun at those around him but also at himself. In fact, if there is a secret to his work, it’s that he allows himself to laugh.

danteguillermo_2The tragedy of chains, of life lived in a cage, of bound hands and feet might be depicted, but with humor. With his sensitive use of bronze, “the most malleable of materials,” he speaks without words. “When you are fortunate to get the attention of the public, it becomes important what you say. You have a certain responsibility. Your work becomes a testimony to that community.” At 27 years old, he made the decision to dedicate the rest of his life to sculpture, to the creative arts, to finding and speaking a new language. With his hands he follows the process through to the end, finding a way to polish the bronze of his newfound tongue that hopefully will never cease to speak miracles.

He sculptures are painstakingly created, no corners cut, perfection is something Guillermo strives for every day and it is reflected in his sculptures.  His monuments adorn such cities as:  Guadalajara, Sayula, Yahualica y Concepcion de Buenas Aires in the state of Jalisco. Also in Lima Peru/ La Paz, Baja California/ Villahermosa, Tabasco. His bust of Franklin D. Roosevelt, adorned the oval office when President Bill Clinton was in office. A statue to commemorate Cardinal Juan Jesus Posados Ocampo, the property of Pope John Paul II, now in the Vatican collection.  Many of Guillermo’s sculptures are also in the collection of the National Treasury of Mexico… http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151436519845939.453231.153286505938&type=1&l=8a51df70be


dantekat_1Kathleen Carrillo, along with her husband , sculptor and writer, Andrew Marcus, reside in the Jungles just outside of Puerto

Vallarta, along the Rio Cuale River at the base of the Sierra Madres, in Mexico. They also reside part of the year in Sarasota, Florida where she produces her many giclee editions. “I never cease to be amazed by the creative spirit, and will never take it for granted. I love what I do. My work is inspire by my joy for life. Often, work begins with an idea that can take many directions before it lands in my heart.”. Kathleen has her Masters degree in fine art specializing in painting and printmaking. She has been painting for over twenty years, and has national and international acclaim. Her works are found in public and private collections throughout the world and she has won awards too numerous to mention. Her original images are sought after and sold quite frequently before they are complete. She is often working on commissions, and preparing for gallery shows. Kathleen has several styles she paints equally well, from Architectural Whimsy to Jungle Magic  to Jazz/ Speakeasy compositions to Passionate Figurative works to make you smile.  Kathleen is currently preparing for the New York Artexpo opening March 21, 2013. She will be showing her Architectural Whimsy paintings with depictions of New York iconic buildings set in the 1940’s.  Also showing will be her ever favorite Jazz and speakeasy series. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151436483975939.453227.153286505938&type=1&l=edba346236

danteandrew_2Andrew Marcus has been working with wood for many years. He has taken his skills as a furniture maker and employed them in developing a unique form of constructed sculpture, which is then painted by his wife, artist KC. Self-taught, he began carving stone ten years ago, and so familiar was this feeling in his body and soul, that he experienced a past life, where he was a stone sculptor in ancient India, carving gods in the temple city of Khajuraho. So overwhelming was this experience, that he started writing a novel about it, called Feeding Strawberries To The Devil, which is currently a work in progress. “Andy”, as he is known to many, has a gentle soul and is so at peace with himself, that his sculptures give off that same energy, nothing is rushed, no detail over-looked. His works are creative, but executed in exacting detail. Worth a visit to see his works and meet the man!   He and Kathleen are co-owners of an art-retreat B&B, in the Jungles of Puerto Vallarta. For further info check their website at www.houseofwindandwater.com http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151436512190939.453230.153286505938&type=1&l=0cb9395a14

Galleria Dante
Art openings

8 MARCH 2013 – Luis Valui & Jorge Coste
22 MARCH 2013 – Jean-Gabriel Lambert
& Brewster Brockmann

To view works prior to the event, visit: www.galleriadante.com
Gallery Hours: 10 am to 5 pm – Monday to Friday
or by appointment

Save on toll charges to Mexico by calling our Michigan based numbers: (269)-282-8926 or  810 43 DANTE or (269)-282-6865 or (269)-282-8576

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