galleriadante-luisvalui-homeJanuary 2015 ● Galería Dante Presents Luis Valui – January 23rd. – Luis Castellanos Valui, born in Guadalajara in 1955, is a painter who infuses his Latin American roots with the traditions of tropical jazz and cafe culture. He studied for two years at the Fine Arts University in Guadalajara. At the age of 20 he moved to Mexico City where he studied at the “Esmeralda” school. Read More

dante-homeJune 2014 ● Gallería Dante Special 30% OFF Sale, to Celebrate 30 Years of Creation. – Yvan’s career as a painter had unconventional beginnings. At first, his artistic temperament drove him to music. From the age of 17, he traveled throughout Europe as a singer performer until his return to Montreal, many years later. But without the tradition of coffee shops & bars where one can sing, as in Paris, Yvan couldn’t make a decent living as a singer. So he started selling watercolours, door to door and on the street. This survival activity was the beginning of an unforeseen but fertile ground for his unique imagination. Read More

dante-juanahomeMarch 2014 ● Juana Cortez & Oscar Solis open at Galleria Dante, March 21st, 2014Juana Cortez born in Apatzingan, Michoacan, began her journey as a painter under the teachings of artist Oscar Solis, who, as her mentor, was the person instrumental in helping her to achieve images filled with intense color. Oscar Solis was born in Apatzingan, Michoacan in 1958, where he started sketching as a youth. Oscar excelled in the drawing classes at his primary and secondary schools, and as a teen, realized he wanted to become a painter and taught himself how to paint. Read More

dante-homeFebruary 2014 ● Jorge Coste & Luis Castellanos Valui open at Galleria Dante, March 7th, 2014Jorge Costa born in Cordoba, Veracruz in 1959, received a degree in hydrobiology by UAM-I before taking classes in sculpture and ceramic and obtaining a diploma of plastic arts from the Helenic Cultural Center. Luis Castellanos Valui born in Guadalajara in 1955, is a painter who infuses his Latin American roots with the traditions of tropical jazz and cafe culture. Read More


dante-21febhomeFebruary 2014 ● Israel Zzepda, David Moreno Zepeda & Francisco Xavier Zepeda at Galleria Dante, Friday, February Friday 21stIsrael Zzepeda at only 43, Israel Zzepda has already been a professional artist for more than half his life. He has been painting and drawing for more than 35 years. David Moreno Zepeda Born in Guadalajara in August 1979, developed his passion for drawing at the young age of five. Francisco Xavier Zepeda Born in Garita, Jalisco in 1969 is a self-taught artist. Although he developed a passion for creating and artistic endeavors at a young age, it has only been in the last ten years that he has truly dedicated himself to his sculptural creations. Read More

dante-homeFebruary 2014 ● Edgar Martinez & Cherie Sibley open at Galleria DanteEdgar Martinez, born in Toluca, Mexico, came to Vallarta at the age of 6. Although Edgar feels deeply inspired and influenced by the great masters, he has worked diligently to create his own style. Cherie´s focus over the last few years has turned to Water Birds in their natural environment. Her sensitivity to their habits and relationship with the water that supports them is captured profoundly in her paintings. Read More

artfair-homeFebruary 2014 ● Art Fair Vallarta 2014 – The American School has always put great emphasis on art education and its art program. Tickets are already available… please click here to read More

dante-homeJanuary 2014 ● Nina di Giovanni & Jean-Gabriel at Galleria DanteNina di Giovanni began her practice in mosaic in the 80s when living in Barcelona, Spain, where she fell in love with the idea of buildings as paintings vibrating in the urban landscape. Soon after she moved to Ravenna, Italy, to study traditional Roman and Byzantine techniques. Jean-Gabriel Lambert, born in Montreal, Canada, first came into the public eye through acting and dance. Later, he added writing and singing to his artistic accomplishments and soon after, in a natural progression, he began drawing and painting. Read More

galeria-homeNovember 2013 ● New art! A new wine bar! A new consignment store! It’s going to be a great season! – New art! A new wine bar! A new consignment store! It’s going to be a great season! – Starting Friday the 15th of November, the beautiful bougainvillea-lined street in the heart of old town will begin the 2013-2014 tourist season with a night filled with music and friends. The always bustling street transforms into a sensory delight from 6 to 10 pm. Read More

By Enrique Loza

September 2013 ● New Artists at Galleria Dante & Our Summer Sale Continues! – We are expanding in October! Due to construction, our artists are temporarily offering discounts on all their works. All artists are participating to some extent – including our 5 NEW ARTISTS! Our extensive Estate Sale includes works by Patrick Denoun, Federico Leon de la Vega, Alejandro Colunga, Alejandro Mondria, Guillermo Gomez, Luis Espiridion, Tellosa, Vea Xiradakis and others! Read More

dante_homeMarch 2013 ● Luis Valui & Jorge Coste at Galleria DanteLuis Castellanos Valui, born in Guadalajara in 1955, is a painter who infuses his Latin American roots with the traditions of tropical jazz and cafe culture. Jorge Coste, sculptor born in Cordoba, Veracruz in 1959. His work has been acquired by collectors in the US, Canada, France, Spain, Israel, Japan and of course Mexico. Exhibits open Friday, March 8th, cocktails 6 pm to 10 pm. Read More

dante_homeFebruary 2013 ● 3 Fantastic Artists at Galleria Dante & Galleria AnDanteGuillermo Gomez,  Kathleen Carrillo & Andrew Marcus, exhibits open Friday, February 22nd, cocktails 6 pm to 10 pm. Read More

February 2013 ● Evelyne Boren HomeEvelyne Boren at Galerie des ArtistesOpening, Feb. 22 from 7-9 pm. Evelyne Boren has been a professional Artist for over 45 years. This year she is celebrating 41 years of exhibiting her work in Puerto Vallarta with a group of oil and watercolor paintings where she portrays the light, colors and textures of her varied surroundings. Read More

galleriadante_homeFebruary 2013 ● Three Artists at Galleria DanteCherie Sibley, Javier Zepeda & David Zepeda exhibits open Friday, February 8th, cocktails 6pm to 10pm. Galleria Dante located at Basilio Badillo #269 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Phone: 322 222-2477.  Read More

dante_homeJanuary 2013 ● 4 Mexican Artists at Galleria Dante & Galleria AnDante – Israel ZZepda & Guillermo Brockmann, Alvaro Zardoni, Edgar Martinez. Friday, January 25th, cocktails 6pm to 10pm. Galleria Dante located at Basilio Badillo #269 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Phone: 322 222-2477. Read News

amboshector_homeJanuary 2013 ● Ambos Galeria Presents: Héctor Kimenez PonceGaleria Ambos is excited to be showing the artwork of Hector Ponce Jimenez,  throught January 11rh to coincide with Basilio Badillo’s South Side Shuffle.Hector’s brilliant paintings are a mixture of ancient traditions and contemporary elements translating the everyday into the mystic and the playful, giving Ponce the perfect way to transport to his paintings all the characters that inhabit his dreams. Read News

ambos_homeJanuary 2013 ● Ambos Galeria Presents: Vida y Silencio/Bodegones January 25th. – Galeria Ambos opens a new show Vida y Silencio/Bodegones on January 25th with the work of five artist printmakers, most of whom live and work in Puerto Vallarta.  Marcela Bernal, Nunik Sauret, Zina Sirutis, Ireri Topete, and Petru Voichescu. Read News

dante_homeJanuary 2013 ● Galleria Dante First Show Exhibit Opens: Friday, January 11th, cocktails 6 pm to 10 pm. Jesse Reno, a Self taught,  mixed media painter. He has been drawing since age 5, exhibiting since 2001. Has exhibited extensively in USA, Canada,Europe. Ignacio Guerrero, His work, which is surrealist in quality, has been exhibited more than 60 times in Mexico and abroad, in places as distant as Portugal, Italy, Australia and New York. Read News

Art & CultureDecember 2012 ● Ambos Galeria de Arte y Artefactos Presents – Hector Ponce Jimenez “Magical Equinox”. From December 14th. until January 18, 2013, Hector Ponce Jimenez will be presenting his paintings, sculptures and Artist Performances at Ambos Galeria located at 261 Basilio Badillo in Puerto Vallarta. Read News

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