July 2012 ● Art exhibits extend across the Bay

By Edurado Rincón-Gallardo – July, 2012

On Wednesday, July 4th Bolivian born painter José Moreno Aparicio inaugurated his art gallery on the main floor of Nuevo Vallarta Plaza.

Art & Culture

Jose Moreno Aparicio Art Gallery in Nuevo Vallarta

José Moreno, who has become a resident of México both in Cuernavaca and Puerto Vallarta for the past 20 years, has held exhibits of his colorful work throughout Mexico, South America and Europe.

His art, mainly in large format canvases, features prominently the rich flora and fauna of the tropics and his native Amazonia. He has also sponsored and collaborated with many environmental organizations and activists in Mexico and Central and South America.

Nuevo Vallarta Plaza is one of the newest buildings in Nuevo Vallarta, its handsome design can be admired as you cross the bridge over the canals leading towards “Ocho Tostadas” and the Hotel Villa Varadero.

It has two restaurants with breezy terraces over the water and an impressive lobby four stories high where artists and public were treated to hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and a show featuring a spectacular performance of drummers-dancers and music. (to me it seemed like an awesome show of Afro-Brazilian rhythms).

Art & Culture

Jose Moreno Aparicio Art Gallery in Nuevo Vallarta

José Moreno invited twentysome local artists to show their works, so from the main entrance of the plaza and all around the lobby you could be captivated by the artwork from Ada Colorina, Hilda Anaya, Beatriz Hidalgo, José Baldi, Leopoldo García Calatayud, Gustavo López, Juan Gonzáles, Vicente Manzano. Máximo Luna, Rafael Camacho, Vicky Meza, Patricia Villaseñor, Leno Morfín, Fernando Peña, Paola Pacheco and myself.

The news of the inauguration of José Moreno’s gallery is specially good because visitors and residents of the Riviera Nayarit now have increased resources where they can admire and acquire select pieces from José Moreno and friends without having to go all the way to downtown Vallarta. Vallarta residents and visitors will also have another good reason to get out and visit all that Nuevo Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit have to offer.

Eduardo Rincón-Gallardo
E-mail: rincongallardo@prodigy.net.mx

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