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jaltembawild-homeWildlife Encounters in Jaltemba Bay – Check your shoes for scorpions… and while you’re at it, check your hat, too! Everyone tells you this, and most of us do it at least a couple of times before we become lazy, having not found or seen a scorpion, so we quit looking and stopped banging our footwear. Read More by Christina Stobbs

jaltembahorse-homeJ.E.E.P Stables and Hilltop Refugio are Being Transformed – Hi Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.) friends. Many of you have been wondering about what has been happening at the Hilltop Refugio and asking what you can bring down for J.E.E.P. this season. We could use lead ropes, horse brushes and cinches (medium to large), as well as school supplies for the special needs children who come visit.  Read More by Jaltemba Bay

jaltembaroads-homeBack Roads of Nayarit: Hidden Beaches and Help for the Poor – The author and Vicky Flores, who is a nurse at a local hospital and also his partner in the small bed and breakfast, “Mi Casa es Su Casa,” and Jeep trips to the BACK ROADS OF NAYARIT, are going on another discovery trip. Today we found a true gem. Many years ago a Guadalajara family purchased a parcel of land that included a beach (and what a beach). At that time the family was not so small. Read More by Bob Howell


 * Exploring The South Column ©:
exploring-homeGone fishing… I’ll be back in October. Going Fishing in Costa Alegre September is the month everyone seems to be gone fishing in Puerto Vallarta. Or that is what the sign says in the window or on the door. And, it is an excellent time for fishing, depending on your sport. Surf fishing is at its best along the coast of Jalisco. South of Vallarta around the Mayto area has seen world-class surf fishing with record catches the past few years. Read Moreby John Van Dyke


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* Gardening in Paradise:
roots-homeCordyline – Some assert that these striking, vibrant plants are the “King of tropical foliage.” But, regardless whether this be an imperial or pauper plant, there is, definitely – in some botanical quarters – a difference of opinion regarding which family it belongs to. Beyond the above several family names, during my perusal of various tomes of botanical data in confirming information on this plant, I noted that it was also – confusingly – classified in the Lilaceae family by a few! Read More by Tomy Clarkrson


* Viewpoint Column ©:
Real Estate Health and Tax Reform – Since the final version of the tax reform was approved by the Mexican Senate on Oct 31, 2013, Mexico has been on a fast track. The Mexican GDP growth declined in 2013 to .7 percent. In a global economy, this is may be a glimpse of the world as will know it in the future. Mexico was impacted by slowdowns in construction materials and service industries, in large part due to stalled economy of the US. Read More by Harriet Murray

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