August 2014… Welcome to Costa Alegre, Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit

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jaltemba-roadBack Roads of Nayarit: Trip to Punta Raza – It’s another beautiful day in paradise. That being Rincón de Guayabitos, in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. My traveling companion Vicky, and I, have decided to check out an area that is not all that far from Guayabitos. Although I have been there numerous times, I have never made a thorough exploration. This is also a place is known by only a few gringos. Vicky thinks that this is unfair because it is near and very beautiful. Sooo… here it is. Read More by Bob Howell


New Puerto Vallarta-Guadalajara Highway to be Completed in 2017 – The construction of the Jala-Bahía de Banderas Highway has advanced 33%, however, it will not be finished until 2017, informed the delegate of the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) in Jalisco, Bernardo Gutiérrez Navarro. Read More by The Jaltemba Bay Team

jaltemba-maleconLa Peñita Malecón One Year Later – During the past year, the new malecón has become a popular gathering place and well-used destination for both locals and tourists alike. Many events have already taken place here – including art shows, the staging area for a women’s beach volleyball tournament, weight lifting contests, a biathlon and even kite flying demonstrations – and many more events are on the drawing board. Read More by David Thompson

jaltemba-impulsarteIMPULSARTE Program Continues to Help Local Students Thrive – IMPULSARTE “expandiendo mentes” (expanding minds) is a social program funded by teacher JAVIER CARRILLO in order to promote culture and the arts in public school children in vulnerable communities. It is certainly a very important tool that is paying-off highly not only to promote art and make beautiful works by students through their methods, but is also making gains in the values of the student, such as SELF-ESTEEM, INTEGRATION, PERCEBTIBILITY, VISUAL ACUITY, CONCENTRATION, MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT, ETC. Read More by Jaltemba Bay


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exploring-homeDiscover the Fishing Village of Tehuamixtle – Just two hours south of Puerto Vallarta by car is the sleepy little fishing village of Tehuamixtle. Tehua, as it is known by locals, sits in a little cove surrounded by cliffs. The waters of Tehua Bay are clear and calm, with a gentle sand beach that is perfect for swimming. Read More by John Van Dyke


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* Gardening in Paradise:
Nature-HomeFlame Tree (Delonix regia) – This absolute stunner goes by some other names as well. In Spanish, it is sometimes called the Arbol de Fuego – Tree of Fire. And in Mexico, Costa Rica and parts of Central America it is often referred to as Malinche. This was the name of an Indian girl who was said to be so beautiful that she persuaded Hernan Cortez to spare her people from extermination by his conquistadors. Read More by Tomy Clarkrson


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Marketing of Real Estate – Prior to listing the property, the listing agent should evaluate the comparable sales pertinent to the real estate he/she is proposing to market. Important considerations to help find a buyer for the property include analysis of: actual sales prices, asking prices, condition of properties, the qualities of the neighborhood and the community where the real estate is located. Read More by Harriet Murray

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