June 2014… Saturday 21 to Friday 27

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* The PVMirror Art Gallery Guide ©:

dante-homeGallería Dante Special 30% OFF Sale, to Celebrate 30 Years of Creation. – Yvan’s career as a painter had unconventional beginnings. At first, his artistic temperament drove him to music. From the age of 17, he traveled throughout Europe as a singer performer until his return to Montreal, many years later. But without the tradition of coffee shops & bars where one can sing, as in Paris, Yvan couldn’t make a decent living as a singer. So he started selling watercolours, door to door and on the street. This survival activity was the beginning of an unforeseen but fertile ground for his unique imagination. Read More


jaltemba-mexico-homeLiving in Mexico: A Survival Guide – I have been living in Mexico for a year and a half. In two short weeks we leave to make our way to the Marshall Islands to set up our next base camp. I have valuable insight. Life in Mexico can be amazing. If you approach it the right way. Here is a survival guide on how to make the most of living in Mexico, or at least… HOW TO SURVIVERead More by Jaltemba Bay

jaltemba-lluvioro-homeIn Bloom: Lluvia de Oro (Golden Shower Tree) – Up until last week, I had only heard rumors about the infamous Lluvia de Oro tree. While driving from La Peñita to Rincón de Guayabitos, I noticed three bright yellow trees on the west side of the highway. Knowing that the Primavera trees were finished blooming, I suspected I might be in luck. Read More by Allyson Williams

jaltemba-centro-homeAnnouncing “El Centro de la Gente” Library and Community Center in Lo de Marcos – Mitch and Vicki Schilling’s dream to create a library and community center in the town of Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico was born about a year ago. With high season coming to an end, and lots of free time on his hands, Mitch began actively searching for a location. He signed a 3-year lease on May 5th, and he and his team immediately began transforming the vacant buildingRead More by Allyson Williams


In Bloom Plumeria (Part 1) – Plumera, also known as Frangipani and Flor de Mayo, is native to Mexico. In the Jaltemba Bay area, they bloom in the spring and their beautiful fragrant flowers range from white and yellow to pink. They are deciduous plants so they drop their leaves in the fall and winter months. If you see a Plumeria during the winter you might actually think it’s dead, because when dormant, they are nothing but a bare stick figure with shiny grey barkRead More by Allyson Williams

jaltemba-jeepHomeJ.E.E.P. Rescue Horses Hoping to Get Shelter from Sun and Rain – Earlier this week, I drove up to the Hilltop Refugio in La Peñita to see what was happening. While I was there, I decided to help muck-out the stalls and share some love with the horses. Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.) founders, George and Loretta Leavitt, continue to provide the rescue horses with necessary medical care, food, water and much needed TLC – and I am happy to report that the horses (as well as the dogs and cats being fostered there) and the refugio are all looking greatRead More by David Thompson

jaltemba-ChacalaHomeDay Trip to Chacala – For a change of scenery, consider a day trip to some of the other towns and villages around this part of Jaltemba Bay. Our group of 6 friends makes a trip to Chacala every year we are here. It’s about 30 minutes north of La Peñita on the road to San Blas. Turn left on the road to Chalaca just before you get to Las Varas. It’s marked with signs, and all the taxi drivers know where it is. Read More by Brian Betts


  * Exploring The South Column ©:

exp-homeOpening up The South Coast of Cabo Corrientes – Driving south of Puerto Vallarta on highway 200, you quickly leave the water at Boca de Tomatlan. Boca is always busy, as it is the home to water taxis that serve as the only means of access to many destinations around the cape. Access is always a double-edged sword. For those who want to escape – literally, remote is good. For others it can be a hassleRead More


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* Gardening in Paradise:

gardening-homeAloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) – Members of the Lily Family, all Aloe species feature succulent rosettes and tall spikes of red and/or yellow flora. In fact, the flowers of our Aloe barbadensis are perhaps the most favored blooms in our entire collection by an assortment of insects and birds. I’m certainly no ornithologist but I believe a couple of regular visitors to our plant are a Wedge-Tailed Sabrewing Hummingbird (Campylopterus curvipennis) – I’m not making these Latin names up – and the magnificent Hooded Oriole (Icterus cucullatus).Read More by Tomy Clarkrson


* Viewpoint Column ©:
Promoting Mexican Real Estate Worldwide – It has been five years since I have made a presentation on Mexico to my FIABCI members. The group is a business network of real estate professionals from around the world. This year we met in Luxembourg for 6 full days of seminars, lectures, field trips, and networking. Every conference allows some time for participants to make short presentations on the properties they have for sale. About 40 people on average attend each sessionRead More

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