May 2014… Saturday 17 to Friday 23

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???????????????????????????????Compostela: The Overlooked City –  As our departure date approaches, this question presents itself… Where will the next day trip take us? Like a thunderbolt, the answer flashes from the road atlas page. There centered in bold print is the destination – Compostela, a colonial city. We’ve driven past the Nayarit city on our way to the Mexican interior, but never paused to visit. Read More by John & Doreen Berg

jaltemba-nopalIn Season: Nopal Cactus (Prickly Pear) – Nopal cactus are members of the Opuntia genus from the Cactaceae family, and are commonly known as the Prickly Pear cactus. There are dozens of varieties and well over 200 species. The ripe flat cactus pads, called nopales (pronounced noh-PAHL-leys), are commonly used in Mexican dishes. Read More by Allyson Williams

jaltemba-mantahomeFlying Manta Rays – Earlier this season, a group of us set out on a day trip to the secret beach at the Marieta Islands. We hired Salvador in Rincón de Guayabitos to take us. While en route to the islands, we did some whale watching until the captain spotted some splashing going on. We headed that way to explore and got a chance to see these manta rays jumping. I had only once seen this before in Punta Raza in 2013 when I led a hiking group down at the beach. Those were little ones – nothing like these mantas. Prior to that I didn’t realized they liked to jump and playRead More by Lori Schneider Wood

jaltemba-iguanahomeIguanas, Come On Down – I was motivated to write this follow-up article after reading “The Almost Invisible Iguana” by Conrad Stenton from Midland Ontario in last week’s Jaltemba Bay Life newsletter. Having observed the iguanas close up for a few years, we have learned a few interesting facts about them. Yes, they are almost invisible to the untrained eye, but knowing their morning routine high in the canopy and aided with a pair of binoculars you can get a good viewRead More by Ken & Bea Rauch



* Exploring The South Column ©:
exploring-homeFootprints in the Sand – When was the last time you made fresh footprints on a beach? The only footprints! It is a special and restorative experience. It is almost impossible to find a beach that seems like it is your own private beach. At least, one that is accessible. There is such a beach, not so far from Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Jalisco, MexicoRead More


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title-nature* Gardening in Paradise ©:
LipstickPalm-homeLipstick Palm – This somewhat short palm is the proverbial “show stopping, eye popping, wowie-ka-zowie, looker”! Robert Lee Riffle – perhaps the most knowledgeable of all palm authorities – described them succinctly as “Exquisitely thin-trunked clustering feather palms” and in yet more glowing terms, “Never has nature been more profligate in lavishing beauty on a single plant.” From a guy who knew more about palms than any ten other botanists that some praise, huh? Read More by Tomy Clarkrson

* Fishing Report ©: 

fishing-maySummer Pushes Forward, Water Temps Up, Sailfish Hungry – If you were in Puerto Vallarta you´d think it was summer. Water Temperatures are back up around the 78 to 81 degree range. Bait is thick, Breeding Season is coming to an end as all the species are taking bait again. It´s still the clear green water conditions for the most part, but that´s OK since it really doesn´t hurt anything, blue is still preferable for visibility reasons. –  Read More by Stan Gabruk


* Viewpoint Column ©:
harriet-homeSo What is The New Capital Gains Tax Issue About? – Since last year, 2013, when the President of Mexico and Congress accomplished sweeping fiscal reform, we have had a change in determination of capital gains. A mainstay of the current policy is to collect taxes from a broader base, with fewer loopholes or policies for non-payment or exemptionsRead More

Great News!… now you can list your property for sale on our Real Estate By-Onwer. Affordable and it runs until you sell. Contact us at:



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