March 2014… Saturday 15 to Friday – Bienvenida la Primavera!

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dante-juanahome Juana Cortez & Oscar Solis open at Galleria Dante, March 21st, 2014Juana Cortez born in Apatzingan, Michoacan, began her journey as a painter under the teachings of artist Oscar Solis, who, as her mentor, was the person instrumental in helping her to achieve images filled with intense color. Oscar Solis was born in Apatzingan, Michoacan in 1958, where he started sketching as a youth. Oscar excelled in the drawing classes at his primary and secondary schools, and as a teen, realized he wanted to become a painter and taught himself how to paint. Read more


colibri-homeHow We found Puerto Vallarta in a Changing WorldWell, my wife and I have landed in Puerto Vallarta and this time, finally, we think it’s for good. I think it will depend a lot upon how much the love of art in this wonderful place will continue to decline and how much Puerto Vallarta becomes a commercial port. The new customs warehouse and the four lane freeway being built between here and Guadalajara give us cause for some concern. Read more

restaurante-homeMelissa’s Restaurant… “Good Friends”, “Good Food” and “Good Times”! – In downtown Puerto Vallarta, among the comings and goings of a tourist destination that greets the arrivals of millions of international visitors every year; where there is also a community of foreign residents that already are “like locals”; is very easy not realize a place that, despite the growth and progress, still maintains and shares –through the culinary experience– the warmest “vallartense” quality, and the authentic and kindest hospitality, due to which our resort is known as “the world’s friendliest city”! Read more

paraiso-homeDiscovering Mexico’s Wedding Paradise! Second Part (2 of 3)The bay’s limits are Punta Mita on the north and Cabo Corrientes on the south. At the bay’s northwest there are reefs and islands, such as La Corbeteña and the Marietas Islands, whose protected areas and mild tides make them a natural shelter for vessels. Puerto Vallarta is located at the center of the bay and its natural richness makes it stand out as an international destination for a wide array of activities, among them, leisure activities and weddings. Read more


jaltemba-naturehomeNature’s Changing Palette of Color Swimming in the sparkling waters of Bahia de Jaltemba interspersed with early morning jungle hikes comprise much of our group’s weekly activities, with the weekends reserved for downtown dining. The challenge being to determine just what our dining experience might be. Read more by John & Doreen Berg

jaltemba-tomilloshomeIs Seasson: Tomillos/Salsa VerdeTomatillos are native to Mexico and are available year-round in Jaltemba Bay. Tomatillos are a staple in Mexican cuisine and are most often used to make salsa verde, a tangy green salsa served over tacos, tostadas, sopes, enchiladas and chilaquiles. Read more by Allyson Williams

jaltemba-ayalahomeMagical Los AyalaThese photos were taken from my trip to Los Ayala, which is in the Nayarit Riviera of Mexico. I visited my parents who had a nice little place right on the beach. I really enjoyed the area, and all of the wonderful people. See photo gallery by

jaltembaplatanitos-homePlatanitos Amongst “Five Beaches to Discover on the Pacific Coast” of Mexico – The recommendations for the Riviera Nayarit keep on coming! This time the kudos come from, an international website which focuses on music, art, travel, nightlife, cocktail culture, mixology, fashion and global interests. Read more by Riviera Nayarit CVB

sanpamcho-lunarumbahome Luna Rumba at the Golf Course Friday NightLas Huertas Golf Club, San Pancho. Sunset Dinner Concert with Luna Rumba. Seating is limited so reservations are required. Admission price is 100 pesos. Email reservation requests to Read more by


* Exploring The South Column ©:
exploring-homeA designer’s house in paradise – Transforming a piece of paradise into a place that feels like home is a delicate balance between nature and lifestyle. After a lot of planning and thought, ultimately the land tells you what to do. And, you design something that is as special as the place. Read more


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becas-home Becas Vallarta & Intercam – Gala DinnerBecas Vallarta and Intercam are pleased to invite you to the gala dinner on Saturday 8th of March at 6:00 PM at the Hotel Club Regina. Read more

title-mexicomirrorintercam-home Why Travel Insurance? Did you know that according to recent studies one out of two people that travel encounters a health problem during their trip? They are most often stricken with either a cardiovascular incident or an accident. Cardiovascular incidents affect mainly people between the age of 50 to 69, and accidents occur more often in people between 20 to 29 years oldRead more by Intercam

title-nature* Gardening in Paradise ©:
Tulip-home African Tulip TreeTo put the appearance of this disease-resistant tree in perspective, my botanical mentor, Robert Lee Riffle, has written that this is the second most beautiful tree in the world – following the Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia)! Purportedly discovered in 1787, its botanical name comes from the Greek words “spathe” and “oida” which refer to the spathe-like calyx. Read more by Tomy Clarkrson


* Viewpoint Column ©:
viewpoint-homeFiscal Residency in MexicoThe law for establishment of fiscal residency in Mexico has been recently clarified for foreigners and nationals. The law has not changed, but the interpretation of how to enforce it has. The current procedures for applying for and receiving an exemption amount of approximately 250,000usd per person are for residential real estate declared as your primary residence. Read more

Great News!… now you can list your property for sale on our Real Estate By-Onwer.Affordable and it runs until you sell. Contact us at:


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