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* The PVMirror Art Gallery ©: 
By Enrique LozaNew Artists at Galleria Dante & Our Summer Sale Continues! – We are expanding in October! Due to construction, our artists are temporarily offering discounts on all their works. All artists are participating to some extent – including our 5 NEW ARTISTS! Our extensive Estate Sale includes works by Patrick Denoun, Federico Leon de la Vega, Alejandro Colunga, Alejandro Mondria, Guillermo Gomez, Luis Espiridion, Tellosa, Vea Xiradakis and others!Read more

* Painter Adventures ©:
painter_homeSolitude, peace and Love – On this occasion I was unable to sit by my computer and type because I was out in the boonies, on a small acreage I bought from a farmer, which has no electricity –I don’t have a lap top; in addition to this computer I posses only an old Underwood, which I inherited from my grandpa, which I used for my homework when I was a kid and which I will take to my remote cabin! Yes! Read more


endless-homeCajón de Peñas Dam – A place of water with its own enchantment – Dams have always held a special attraction for humans. Constructed many years ago with the purpose of supplying the population with sufficient water during the dry season they quickly turned into recreational and resting areas for families. The Cajon de Pena Dam, which was built in the year 1976 and can be found in the southern part of Jalisco, is not an exceptionRead more

* Wedding Destination Column: 

wedding_homeWhat to expect from a wedding planner – There are several wedding planners in Puerto Vallarta due to the high demand and the factor that most of the couples getting married here are foreigners, and they need someone to help them organize their event… read more 

wedding-homeYour Beach Wedding… Important Considerations – The Riviera Nayarit’s luxury is in the romance of its natural scenery. Love is truly what makes the world go round and your wedding is the best excuse to bring those closest to you to Mexico’s Most Romantic Destination, where they can enjoy the simple luxury of an unforgettable sunset and exceptional events by the light of the moonRead more by The Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau

bucerias-homeBucerias! – This is the first village you’ll encounter as you pass by Nuevo Vallarta and Flamingos; though it’s less than seven miles from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, it’s eons away from the worldly hustle and bustle. This picturesque town on the Pacific Coast offers a relaxed bohemian atmosphere wrapped in the vivid colors of Mother NatureRead more by The Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau

catrina-homeDia de Muertos Glosary – Dia de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead) is a 2-day holiday in which relatives celebrate the lives of those who have passed. November 1st is All Saints’ Day, when Mexicans pay homage to the souls of the children and November 2nd is All Souls’ Day, when the souls of those who died in adulthood are honoredRead more by Allyson Williams

sombrero-homeGuayabitos Hay Men – I have great admiration for the vendors who ply their trade on the beaches of Mexico. But the ones I affectionately call the Hat Men are very special to me. Their stamina and determination seem to know no bounds as day after day they make their way up and down the beach selling their waresRead more by Jaltemba Bay

atole-homeAtole de Masa – Atole (pronounced ah-TOH-lay) is a warm corn masa drink found throughout Mexico and Central America. Mexican atole is traditionally served during Dia de los Muertos celebrations, and its chocolate version, champurrado, is popular at ChristmastimeRead more by Allyson Williams


* Exploring The South Column ©: 
exploring-homeMexico rediscovered – After some bumpy tourist seasons, Mexico seems to be finding a new place in the sun with the North American crowd, and a lot of others as well. I just returned to Puerto Vallarta from the West Coast of the U.S. on a flight that was oversold. Have not experienced that for some time. I also observed a lot of first time Mexico visitors… a trend that will be continuing. It just makes senseRead more


The PVMirror City Paper Weekly Edition:
262-COVER (1)For Local News, please visit: our Weekly PVMirror City Paper Printed Version. Or if you prefer, please click here to visit This Week (Saturday 02 to Friday 08) edition . Welcome to Puerto Vallarta!


* Birds of Puerto Vallarta ©:
bird-homeGrey Hawk (Buteo nitidus) Aguililla Gris – In most of my previous contributions I focused on describing usually smaller tropical bird species, residents to the Bay area. This month’s article deals with a bird that is possibly their worst nightmare. The Grey Hawk (Buteo nitidus) is a medium-sized stocky bird of pray, rather common in our areaRead more

* Fishing Report 
fishing-homeNovember, High Season, Perfect Weather, Perfect Fishing, Perfect! – Now that the days are shorter, air temperatures leveling off around 80 degrees daily. Humidity will remain high-ish, but bearable. And the yearly tourism machine is getting its oil changed as every corner of Puerto Vallarta welcomes High Season back. Smiling faces and days full of activity, it´s a sportsman’s playground here in Puerto VallartaRead more


* Viewpoint Column ©:
viewpoint-homeWish I Had Said That… Questions and Answers – How fast can you sell my home? I need your permission to sell your home quickly. I am really between a ‘’rock and a hard place.’’ If I bring in a buyer tomorrow, you might get upset thinking we put the price too low, and you should wait for better offer. If it takes 6 months or longer to bring in the buyer, you may get upset because it took too long. So if I bring a buyer for your home tomorrow, I can sell him your home, or if you’re going to get upset, I can sell him another one and wait for six months to bring in another buyer so you’ll be happyRead more

Great News!… now you can list your property for sale on our Real Estate By-Onwer.Affordable and it runs until you sell. Contact us at:


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