September 2013… Viva Mexico! Saturday 14 to Friday 20

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* The PVMirror Art Gallery ©:

By Enrique LozaNew Artists at Galleria Dante & Our Summer Sale Continues!We are expanding in October! Due to construction, our artists are temporarily offering discounts on all their works. All artists are participating to some extent – including our 5 NEW ARTISTS! Our extensive Estate Sale includes works by Patrick Denoun, Federico Leon de la Vega, Alejandro Colunga, Alejandro Mondria, Guillermo Gomez, Luis Espiridion, Tellosa, Vea Xiradakis and others! Read more

* Painter Adventures ©:
painter_homeEscape VelocityThere once was a boat called Escape Velocity. While sailing on it with dear friends, I often thought about the name and what it meant. Sailing is not exactly a fast sport, so I had a hard time relating it to the defined “speed required to escape the atmosphere”. It seemed nonsensical; so I pondered other possible meanings. “Adequate speed is essential in all of life, as is in sports. Life is time, so to live wisely we must manage time…” Read more


maleconart-home Puerto Vallarta’s “Malecón” (bordwalk by the water)… A Sculptural TourOur extended and refurbished “malecón” has brought about results one can spot at first sight. The appearance of downtown Puerto Vallarta has changed and, though it brings nostalgic sighs to some, most agree that its new look is equally captivating. The fact is that our “malecón” continues to be the most popular and familiar walk to see and be seen. Read more [New!]

* Living Design:
patti_homeThe True Art of Farm to TableNow so over-used as if this culinary trend which actually started 30 plus years ago just landed at our dinner tables, farm to table descriptions of valid attempts by independent restaurants to bring fresh local produce and food systems to their clientele are still growing in number. Read more by Patti Says

* Wedding Destination Column:
wedding_homeWhat to expect from a wedding plannerThere are several wedding planners in Puerto Vallarta due to the high demand and the factor that most of the couples getting married here are foreigners, and they need someone to help them organize their eventread more

jaltembawild_homeWildlife Encounters in Jaltemba BayCheck your shoes for scopions… and while you’re at it, check your hat, too! Everyone tells you this, and most of us do it at least a couple of times before we become lazy, having not found or seen a scorpion, so we quit looking and stopped banging our footwear. Read more by Christina Stobbs

jaltembageorge_homeGeorge and Loretta Leavitt, J.E.E.P. Founders, are recognized in the “2013 Real Heroes of Mexico”The MEXICO Report just announced the “2013 Real Heroes of Mexico.” This year’s book showcases 30 profiles of those making a difference in Mexico. We, at Jaltemba Bay Life, are thrilled to announce that George and Loretta Leavitt, founders of Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.) in La Peñita, are among those being recognized. Read more by Jaltemba Bay Life

jaltembatejon_homeThe Exotic Tejon (Coatimundi)It was a Sunday morning of BEAUTY. I picked up my good friend and headed to the Flamingos Resort in Bucerias. We were joining more friends for a lovely Champagne Brunch at El Tigre. Read more by Shara Walker

jaltembadrive_home Rob’s Ramblings: Drive or Fly to Mexico?I recently had a conversation with a few people debating their first road-trip to Mexico this coming snow-bird season. It was a great discussion, with much debate on the pros and cons. Here are a few thoughts from this discussion. Read more by Rob Erickson

rivierabest_home Riviera Nayarit attracted over 37.000 tourists attending special events and conventionsRiviera Nayarit hosted 280 special events and conventions, including the participation of 37,483 tourists that represent 7% of the total visitors during the first semester of 2013, helping to accomplish the goals that Governor Roberto Sandoval has set on the benefit of Nayarit. Read more by Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau


* Exploring The South Column ©:
exploring_home Gone Fishing… a September ritual – September is the month everyone seems to be gone fishing in Puerto Vallarta. Or that is what the sign says in the window or on the door. And, it is an excellent time for fishing, depending on your sport. Surf fishing is at its best along the coast of Jalisco. Read more


The PVMirror City Paper Weekly Edition:
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* Gardening in Paradise
bamboo_homeBamboo beauty or beast?Bamboo, you either have it and love it, or you or your neighbor have it and you want to get rid of it. This is a very aggressive plant. Bamboo (Poaceae) is actually a giant grass. It grows most everywhere where it is warm, but some varieties will tolerate the cold. Some are small and some are very large. Bamboo travels, invading your space or attacking your neighbor’s yard or garden. Read more

* Natural Encounter:
mango_home What is the Most Popular Fruit in the World?It’s probably safe to say, that when asked which fruit is the most popular fruit in the world, the majority of Americans and Canadians would respond with apples or bananas. To the astonishment of most North Americans, mangoes are consumed worldwide by a factor of three to one over bananas and ten to one over apples. Read more


* Viewpoint Column ©:
viewpoint_home The Man Will Make Money Who Invents A Better Mouse Trap – INDEX OF TRENDS IN HOME SALESA general truism in real estate is the best indicator of house pricing is current homes sales.I have discovered recently how much more sophisticated this analysis has become since I first got into the business. Read more

Great News!… now you can list your property for sale on our Real Estate By-Onwer.Affordable and it runs until you sell. Contact us at:


* Photo of the Week (Saturday 14 to Friday 20)

Rainy season in Puerto Vallarta. View from Restaurant Vista Grill ● Photo by Harvest Estudio 2013

Rainy season in Puerto Vallarta. View from Restaurant Vista Grill ● Photo by Harvest Estudio 2013


  • Please remember that if you want to join in and share information, stories or photos of Costa Alegre, Puerto Vlalarta, Banderas Bay and/or Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, please email them to: Many thanks and God bless you.


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