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* The PVMirror Art Gallery ©:
dante_homeSummer Sale at Galleria Dante! – In the fall of 2013, we are expanding! Due to construction, our artists are temporarily offering discounts on their works. In our Estate Sale, we have works by Patrick Denoun, Federico Leon de la Vega, Alejandro Colunga, Rafael Coronel, Alejandro Mondria, Meg Munro, Vea Xiradakis and others.  Sale ends October 31st, 2013. Read more

* Painter Adventures ©:

painter_homePlaces to live, places to eat – On occasion, I get nostalgia as I remember places I have lived in. It usually happens while I eat. Food seems to have such evocative power… This morning for example, as the weather has become hot, my tummy took me to the heart of Dixie and I suddenly wished I could add some grits on my fried eggs…corn bread, black-eyed peas, okra, hush puppies and then a peach cobbler suddenly poured into my culinary memory. Read more [New!]


colibri-homeFunctional Art Part 2 – Outdoor Living – There’s a lot to be said about being outdoors in our part of the world. Marianne and I live here year round and we find that a breeze and shade are about all the air conditioning we ever need. The flowers are blooming, the birds singing and the hummingbirds constantly flit through the coleus flowers we have on the patio. It is also the best way to enjoy the natural symphony that the monsoon brings this time of yearRead more [New!]

patti_homeSmall Water Features for DIY Projects – Large vessels make focal points for fountain features. Large containers or bored stone boulders are perfect sculptural elements for the glistening appearance of running water, the gentle sounds and refreshing effectsRead more by Patti Says

* Wedding Destination Column:

Getting Married in Vallarta – Congratulations for choosing Puerto Vallarta as location for your destination wedding!! Puerto Vallarta is the premier destination for romantic, tropical weddings in Mexico. Rated by Modern Bride as the one of the most desirable destination wedding locations, so you are in the perfect place! Read more [New!]
Bird conservation efforts are being made at Nayarit coast region! – With over 300 species of migratory and resident bird species, the Nayarit coast is perhaps one of the world´s most bird-diverse areas; such diversity of birdlife represents aninvaluable heritage that has captivated the eye of birdwatchers for decadesRead more [New!]


Rob’s Ramblings: Don’t Forget Property Taxes! – Many folks from up-north will be paying their property tax bills over the next few weeks. In one Canadian community, the city council is dealing with double-digit tax increases to recover from the loss of a major employer/tax cash-cow.Read more by Rob Erickson

jaltembacharcol_homeAn Adventure to Find the Charcoal Ovens – It was a bright and beautiful morning. I bounced out of bed with the excitement of the day that laid before me. I had been invited by Tom Plattenberger to go on an ADVENTURE, and knowing how he loves to drive up into the mountains and seek out new and different things here in this beloved country… I WAS READY!Read more by Sarah Walker


* Exploring The South Column ©:

exploring-homeDiscovering El Tuito, Mayto, and Tehuamixtle – Many locals and most tourists have never heard of these great places, just a short drive south of Puerto Vallarta. El Tuito, the most well known of the three, is only forty-five minutes on highway 200 from Vallarta. You drive through some very scenic country and a changing landscape along what is known as the palms to pines highway. Tuito is in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains and at an elevation of around 3,000 ftRead more [New!]

title-localnewsThe PVMirror City Paper Weekly Edition:

249-citypaperFor Local News, please visit: our Weekly PVMirror City Paper Printed Version. Or if you prefer, please click here to visit This Week (Saturday 27 to August Friday 02) edition . Welcome to Puerto Vallarta!


* Fishing Report Column ©:

fishing-home2013 Monster Yellowfin Tuna, Huge Black Marlin and Dorado on Tap, August Explodes – High Season for Fishing officially is well under way and the machine is ready to start churning out Monster Yellowfin Tuna over 200 lbs at our world famous fishing grounds of Corbeteña and El Banco! Black Marlin upwards of 600 lbs will be common place this month and carry over into September. With the warm waters of summer bait moves into the bay and the general area. Read more [New!]

* Gardening in Paradise


Heliconia – Tropical Spectaculars – Heliconia has many other names such as Lobster Claw, False Bird of Paradise, Parrot Heliconia and Wild Plantain. Heliconia is actually relative to the banana, and many of them exhibit banana like leaves, some narrow and some wide. While they are readily visible as cut flowers in local flower shops, these blossoms have been commercially grownRead more  [New!]

* Natural Encounter

sunset_homeHave You Seen Puerto Vallarta’s Green Flashes? – Perhaps you’re among those fortunate enough to have witnessed a green flash at the instant the sun sets; however for most, they’ve only heard of the phenomenon. One such area for viewing the green flashes is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. According to most physicists, green flashes involve physical optics as well as physiological opticsRead more  [New!]


* Viewpoint Column ©:

viewpoint_homeFor Canadians Buying a Home in Mexico with a Mexican Mortgage – A visa is a requirement for lending banks and mortgage approval.  Lenders want clients to have a connection to Mexico beyond purchasing a property. They believe that by having a connection to Mexico, the client is less likely to default on the loan, and the bank is more protected.  These banks believe having migratory status is a sufficient connection to MexicoRead more [New!]

Great News!… now you can list your property for sale on our Real Estate By-Onwer.Affordable and it runs until you sell. Contact us at:

* Photo of the Week (Saturday 20 to Friday August 02) 

Sunset in July ● Photo by Harvest Estudio


  • Please remember that if you want to join in and share information, stories or photos of Costa Alegre, Puerto Vlalarta, Banderas Bay and/or Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, please email them to: Many thanks and God bless you.
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