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title-artandculture* Painter Adventures ©:

painter_homeToy BoatThere is a park in México City called “De los Espejos” (Park of the Mirrors). Many dreams of mine were formed there which later shaped my present life style. This beautiful park is in the fashionable Polanco, near Reforma Avenue and Maximilian’s Castle. It has many trees, an outdoors auditorium, a large aviary, a skating ring and two large “U” shaped ponds for model boating. Read more [New!]


patti_homeSmall Water Features for DIY Projects – Large vessels make focal points for fountain features. Large containers or bored stone boulders are perfect sculptural elements for the glistening appearance of running water, the gentle sounds and refreshing effects. Read more by Patti Says

* Wedding Destination Column:

vallartawedding_home Discovering Wedding Paradise in Mexico! – Part OneEveryone knows planning and carrying out a wedding is a difficult job to accomplish. Moreover when the groom and bride have a specific, preconceived idea or wedding dream they wish. Thousands of testimonials show that beyond ceremony and celebration, the location and setting will, in most cases, make the difference. Read more [New!]

tomatlan_homeRob’s Ramblings: Hike to Boca de Tomatlan and Las Animas – Do you want to get some more exercise and get to know the surrounding area a bit better? This article is about a few area hikes, one south and one north of Jaltemba Bay. One is fairly easy and the other fairly strenuous, but both will take you into some fantastic scenery and through some other views of Mexican life.Read more by Rob Erickson

jaltembajune_homeJune in Jaltemba Bay –  June marks the beginning of the dizzyingly hot weather with temperatures often rising above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (30°C) in the shade. However, the heat of June is not that uncomfortable, as the humidity is nowhere near the levels experienced in August and SeptemberRead more by Chrisina Stobbs.

plumeria_homeIn Bloom: Plumeria (Part 1 & 2) – Plumeria, also known as Frangipani and Flor de Mayo, is native to Mexico. In the Jaltemba Bay area, they bloom in the spring and their beautiful fragrant flowers range from white and yellow to pink. They are deciduous plants so they drop their leaves in the fall and winter monthsRead more by Allyson Williams

equine_homeJaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P) Unites Special Horses with Special Needs Children – When George Leavitt, founder of Jaltemba Equine Education Project (J.E.E.P.), says “mis caballos especiales están aquí para sus niños muy especiales, de mi corazon,” he really means it.Read more by Allyson Williams

jaltemba_homeWhat in the World Do You Do in Mexico? – The other day I had a delightful visit with my niece Jenn. It was one of those “catching up” sessions. I had been gone for almost 3 months to my home in Mexico. The question came up, “Aunt Wendy, what do you DO with your time down there?” After rattling off a few items to justify my existence, we moved onto other conversationRead more by Wendy DeBer

copper_homeLa Peñita Quad Squad Rides the Copper Canyon – Some people dream about their retirement and some people live their retirement. The quading group in the La Peñita RV Park live their retirement. What started out with just four or five quads in the RV park years ago has expanded to over 20 quads plus UTVsRead more by The Jaltemba Bay Life


* Exploring The South Column ©:

south_home Summertime in the Mayto areaMayto and the surrounding areas are making the transition to summer.  The seasonal tourists from Puerto Vallarta have headed back to their summer homes and the last signs of seasonal visitors are disappearing.  It is quiet and a good time to visit.  It has been a very dry season, so the first rains will be welcomed. Read more [New!]

title-localnews* The PVMirror City Paper Weekly Edition:

245-citypaperFor Local News, please visit: http://www.pvmcitypaper.com/ our Weekly PVMirror City Paper Printed Version. Or if you prefer, please click here to visit This Week (June Saturday 29 to July Friday 05) edition . Welcome to Puerto Vallarta!


* Birds of Puerto Vallarta ©:

birds_home Orange-fronted Parakeet (Aratinga canicularis)After visiting Puerto Vallarta, you will inevitably carry home a memory of a night Boardwalk stroll, or a gorgeous sunset over the Bay, possibly also a photo of the Church of Guadalupe or Los Arcos Islands. Unless you spent your vacation indoors, you will have seen and heard a noisy green cloud of fast flying darts, dodging tree crowns of trees in the tropical forest you visited. Read more [New!]

* Fishing Report Column ©:

fishing_home Fishing High Season Explodes in July in Our World Famous Fishing GroundsWith the 4th of July Weekend, summer officially begins in America. Canadians celebrate Canada Day on the 1st of July and most of the Canadian owned restaurants and bars have special meals and drink specials for this day. We also see the return of World Class Fishing the world of professional Sportfishing covets. Read more [New!]

* Gardening in Paradise

butterfly_homeButterfly bush Many plants in our landscape attract butterflies. Here we are going to explore Buddleja davidii, otherwise known as Butterfly Bush. There are over 100 species of Buddleja. A few of them are considered trees. Some are evergreen and some are deciduous. Butterfly bush is one of the most attractive plants to butterflies. Read more [New!]

* Natural Encounter

arcos_home Los ArcosIn the beginning, before there were any settlements here, when this place now known as Puerto Vallarta was only a mule-convoy stopover for the transfer of goods among the region’s hamlets, this place was referred to as Las Peñas. Las Peñas, The Rocks, refer to the rock formations right next to the lush cove of Mismaloya Beach. Read more [New!]


* Viewpoint Column ©:

viewpoint_home San Sebastian, Jalisco – A Welcome Mountain Retreat from the Puerto Vallarta SummerSan Sebastian was founded 500 years ago by five families from Spain. Mining silver was their main objective and they and the town prospered.  Now- yellowed photos in the tiny museum show photos of children wearing lace clothes suitable for any royal court in Europe at the time. Read more [New!]

Great News!… now you can list your property for sale on our Real Estate By-Onwer.Affordable and it runs until you sell. Contact us at: advertisepvmirror@ymail.com

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* Photo of the Week (June Saturday 29 to July Friday 05)

Beach in Bucerias Riviera Nayarit ● Photo by Harvest Estudio

Beach in Bucerias Riviera Nayarit ● Photo by Harvest Estudio


  • Please remember that if you want to join in and share information, stories or photos of Costa Alegre, Puerto Vlalarta, Banderas Bay and/or Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, please email them to: publisher@pvmirror.com Many thanks and God bless you.
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