Last days of April… Saturday April 27 to Friday May 03

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* The Painter Adventures Column ©:

painter_abrilhomeA Not So Peaceful OutingMy wife and I enjoy visiting little towns. For a brief period we lived in Malinalco. This beautiful colonial town, one hour away from Mexico City, was in its time an important military observation point for the Aztec empire. In addition to its quaint architecture, its traditions and customs, its temperate climate and its people, we were attracted to the Augustine convent with remarkable murals not only in the main church, but in all of the vaulted ceilings along the many rooms and corridors. Read more

* The PVMirror Art Gallery Guide ©:

arte_homeWaterside Art Shows at Estudio-Café in Nuevo VallartaEvery Saturday morning  from November to May, along the malecón infront of the Estudio-café in Nuevo Vallarta, local artists exhibit paintings and sculptures. You can have a splendid breakfast or lunch while you enjoy the view of  boats sailing by and then stroll the waterside show. Read News

title-endlessdiscoveringcol_Pocoapoco-MSTR-Vanity_homeThe Art of Handmade Mexican Tile – Thinking of adding on, or remodeling? Or maybe you just want to spruce the place up a little? Then think about tile. Made from the very “Stuff of Life”… Earth, Air, Fire & Water… the tale of handmade Mexican tile is one of evolution. Read more

esqueleto_homeSo What’s With The Skeletons?We hear this question all the time. In the rest of North America, bones conjure up fear, are used to scare children, and no good christian-minded soul wants to be reminded of death. Then, here they come to Mexico and find skeleton figures in all the art and artesania shops. Read more by Tom Swanson & Marianne Menditto

* Living Design Column:

patti_homeContext in ART – Buying Reproductions Vs Original Art – The Next Layer of This ConversationA couple of years ago, I did a workshop entitled “I Want to Find a Painting to Go with My Red Sofa.” And I want to do it again…because the interesting thing is that this same subject surfaces on a regular basis. Read more by Patti Says

* Wedding Destination Column:

prisar_homeAre Weddings in Puerto Vallarta Safe?Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful place for a Destination Wedding in Mexico. Our combination of the mountains along with our pretty beaches makes Puerto Vallarta a perfect spot to have your wedding. Now, I had been asked by some American and Canadian brides if it is safe to have their weddings in Puerto Vallarta, and my answer had been always YES. Read more


lacruz_homeLa Cruz Sunday Market- Best In The Bahia?Is the Mercado Huanacaxtle Sunday Market the best in the Bahia? Consider this; in two and a half short years, the La Cruz Market has become THE destination market for exhibitors (currently over 170) and visitors alike. Since late November of 2010, the Mercado has grown and flourished in La Cruz. Read more by Landon Hollander

rivieramarietas_homeRiviera Nayarit, magic that goes beyond the mythA paradise where nature is truly surprising – the Marietas Islands and its surroundings are some of the jewels of Mexico’s Pacific Treasure. There is a common misconception that makes this destination even more surprising. Read more by The Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau

rivieraaguas_homeThe Aguas Abiertas Riviera Nayarit NadoSeguro competition is backMarina Riviera Nayarit in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle will host competitions of up to 5K, which will take place next April 27. In Riviera Nayarit luxury means adventure, and 500 swimmers from all categories are expected to participate in the third edition of the Aguas Abiertas. Read more by The Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau

rivieratexas_homeRiviera Nayarit will put its Texan boots on!The 9th edition of the Texas Music Festival will take place on June 11 to 18 in Mexico’s Pacific Treasure. In Riviera Nayarit luxury means music, and music has allowed us to celebrate the Texas Music Festival in our destination for the last nine years. Read more by The Riviera Nayarit Conventions & Visitors Bureau

experience_homeAn Unexpected Adventure –  While staying in our hotel in Guayabitos, we were lucky to get to know one of the staff members. Juan was a likeable and helpful Mexican that had lived in California for several years. He said he liked to practice his English and we enjoyed learning more about this area and his life. Read more by Brian Betts

jaltembatosia_homeTosia’s View: Day Trip Adventure to Playa NaranjoOne of the local beaches we love spending time on is Playa Naranjo, located about 6 kilometers northwards, as the crow flies, up the coast from La Peñita. Read more by Tosia Archer

jaltemba_home1Exploring On Our OwnWhat do you do when it’s cloudy in paradise? You go for a hike in the back country where you have never been before. Four amigos headed up the back roads behind La Peñita looking for the road to La Rosa. Read more by Jaltemba Bay Life


* Exploring The South Column ©:

exploring_aprilhomeSouth of Vallarta will be the future of Jalisco TourismWhen talking about the coastal areas south of Puerto Vallarta, one must also talk about the future – a very bright and promising future, for the state of Jalisco. For those who are regular visitors and those who own in and around Puerto Vallarta, change has been evident and will continue at a pace perhaps not seen before. For the Mexican state of Jalisco, the south coast is the future. Read more


* The PVMirror City Paper Weekly Edition:
236-citypaperFor Local News, please visit: our Weekly PVMirror City Paper Printed Version. Or if you prefer, please click here to visit This Week (Saturday April 27 to Friday May 03) edition . Welcome to Puerto Vallarta! [New!]


economy_homeDetermined to Modernize The Economy –  This is a good time to be in Mexico, because this is Mexico’s moment. I welcome the fact that with an investment of $3.5 billion USD over the next three years, BBVA Bancomer will strengthen its operations in our country. At the official residence of Los Pinos, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, BBVA Bancomer, presented its investment plan confirming that Mexico is crucial to its global growth strategy. Read more

Tianguis_homeMexico Tourism Tianguis 2013 – The Secretariat of Tourism held the Mexico Tourism Tianguis 2013 at the Exhibition Center in the city of Puebla, the first colonial destination in the thirty-eight- year history of this event. The Tourism Tianguis is considered the main business platform for the tourism sector in Mexico, with the participation of over 600 purchasing companies from 41 countries. Read more


* Birds of Puerto Vallarta Column ©:

birds_aprilhomeColima Pygmy-Owl (Glaucidium Palmarum)This baseball-sized owl is another of pacific slope endemics. Related to the wide-ranging ferruginous pygmy-owl [G. brasilianum], this species can be found only in Mexican west coast from Sonora to Oaxaca. Unlike many owls, pygmy owls are diurnal – they are most active during the day, when they also hunt, their prey are mostly birds – up to the size of robin, but reptiles and insects are frequently taken. Read more

* Gardening in Paradise Column ©:

gardening_homeCups of GoldBoth of these vines are informally called “Cup of gold”, Copa de Oro, or Golden Trumpet vine. Both have similar growing habits and come from the same area, mainly Mexico and South and Central America. Allamanda shows up everywhere in the landscaping of the Bay of Banderas. Read more

* Natural Encounter Column ©:

terranoble_homeNew Therapy offered at Terra NobleBio Magnetic Therapy, It has the property of identifying diseases in their causes, due to the presence of pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. You can also detect glandular dysfunctions and physical trauma. Read more by Terra Noble

* Fishing Report ©:

fishing_homeSpring Has Sprung, Summer Species Arrive Early!Well it’s April, spring has sprung, Easter is behind us now and the sun is higher in the sky as the days are a little warmer every day. The humidity is rising noticeably in the direct sun, yet the evenings are alive with life as the cool tropical breezes cool Puerto Vallarta’s night life down from a fever pitch. Read Report


* Viewpoint Column ©:

viewpoint_aprilhomeMexican Financial Growth and the US Housing EconomySome writers in Mexico have recently stated that the Mexican real estate market will recover as the US housing market rebounds. Is this True? Mexico is growing its economy and trading heavily with the United States, according to Mario Laborín Gómez, chairman and CEO of ABC Capital. Read more

Great News!… now you can list your property for sale on our Real Estate By-Onwer. Affordable and it runs until you sell. Contact us at:

title-vallartahealthpvsmile_homeThe Best Dental CareWhen we plan to purchase something, we would like to get the best for our investment. Don’t we? If we plan to buy a product, we are able to see the item; its color, shape, size, weight, even the smell before we decide which product we want. When buying a service we cannot anticipate the outcome. If you go to a baseball game you cannot for see if it is going to be interesting or boring. Read more


* Photo of the Week (Saturday 27 to May Saturday 03)

Last days of April in Puerto Vallarta • Photo by Harvest Estudio

Last days of April in Puerto Vallarta • Photo by Harvest Estudio


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  • Please remember that if you want to join in and share information, stories or photos of Costa Alegre, Puerto Vlalarta, Banderas Bay and/or Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, please email them to: Many thanks and God bless you.


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