Last Week of February!… Saturday 23 to March Friday 01

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* The Painter Adventures Column ©:

painter_homeTours to SpaceDeparting every night at about 23:00 hours, these tours do not require much technology. Although I do have a few telecommunication gadgets, such as a satellite radio connection, plus hardware at my fingertips to tune in more than 100 stations, with a micro control to optimize reception, even from faraway AM stations, strictly speaking none of this is absolutely necessary. Read more [New!]

* The PVMirror Art Gallery Guide ©:

dante_homeLuis Valui & Jorge Coste at Galleria DanteLuis Castellanos Valui, born in Guadalajara in 1955, is a painter who infuses his Latin American roots with the traditions of tropical jazz and cafe culture. Jorge Coste, sculptor born in Cordoba, Veracruz in 1959. His work has been acquired by collectors in the US, Canada, France, Spain, Israel, Japan and of course Mexico. Exhibits open Friday, March 8th, cocktails 6 pm to 10 pm. Read more [New!]

arte_homeWaterside Art Shows at Estudio-Café in Nuevo VallartaEvery Saturday morning  from November to May, along the malecón infront of the Estudio-café in Nuevo Vallarta, local artists exhibit paintings and sculptures. You can have a splendid breakfast or lunch while you enjoy the view of  boats sailing by and then stroll the waterside show. Read News


colibri_homeSaltillo Tile Floors, Care and FeedingHaving spent nearly half my life building in the Sonoran and Mojave deserts, one true love is Saltillo tile floors. Walk into a home, bar or restaurant with a good, rich Saltillo floor and the temperature seems to drop 10 degrees. Read more by Tom Swanson [New!]

vallarta_homeWhy you need to visit Puerto Vallarta this year!When someone mentions the name Puerto Vallarta, most people automatically think of beautiful beaches, azure seas and blue skies. That is certainly not far from the truth. Read more by Dave Stephenson

* Living Design Column:
patti_homeWARM and SPICY Chases Away the COLDColor matters! – Whether winter where you are is freezing, cool, warm or even hot – the art of color and flavor will brighten you winter scene with table dressings full of color and spicy warm flavors. Specifically to escape the cold, color can be a key. Read more


entreamigos_home5th Annual Children’s Art FestivalThe Fifth Annual Children’s Art Festival and Auction will be held in San Pancho on Saturday, March 2nd at 6 p.m. This year, the focus is on object art, created by children and well-known artists from the region and the world. Complete calendar of events. Read more [New!]

jaltemba_homeLos Amigos de Jaltemba Announces Fiesta 2013: 50′s-60′s Rock ‘N Roll PartyLos Amigos de Jaltemba invites you to an end of the year 50′s and 60′s Rock ‘N Roll Party” on March 19. Pull out those white t-shirts, rolled up blue jeans, poodle skirts, scarves and bobbie socks. Read more by Allyson Williams. [New!]

tamara_balance_homeReady to Find The Balance?4 Tips For Finding Balance. You may have noticed that when life gets hectic, you’re often thrown way off balance. Your stress levels rise, you start making poor food choices and things begin to spiral out of control. Read more by Tamara Jacobi


* Exploring The South Column ©:

exploring_homeThe adventurous and savvy are rediscovering MexicoThings are happening in Mexico. In many ways Mexico may be experiencing a very quiet and sustained revolution of sorts. It is no secret that the Mexican economy is rapidly growing and a new younger group of world-class professionals, entrepreneurs and travelers are emerging on the scene – many from Mexico. Read more [New!]


mural_homeVolunteers and School Children to Create Murals In ChimoCHIMO – During the last week of March, a group of American volunteers is traveling to Chimo, a small fishing village west of Puerto Vallarta, to lead a community mural project. The project was initiated by Robb Stasyshyn. Read more

Sabbath Services – Friday – 6:30 pm. March 1 – at the Genius of Paco Gallery. No. 512 V. Carranza

* The PVMirror City Paper Weekly Edition:
citypaper-227For Local News, please visit: our Weekly PVMirror City Paper Printed Version. Or if you prefer, please click here to visit This Week (Saturday 22 to March Friday 01) edition . Welcome to Puerto Vallarta! [New!]


* Mexico Financial Mirror Column ©:

foreing_homeForeign Citizen Applications before Mexican Customs Who can apply for a temporary importation permit?. Who can drive a temporarily imported vehicle?. Where to apply for a Temporary Vessel Importation Permit?. How to import a vehicle permanently?. Here you will find the answers to these questions and more. Read Article by Intercam. [New!]


* Birds of Puerto Vallarta Column ©:

birds_homeRusset-Crowned Motmot (Momotus Mexicanus)Motmots are colorful, long- tailed inhabitants of forested areas with most species concentrated in Middle American countries. Six species can be found in Mexico of which one is endemic to the Pacific Slope. Motmots are generally easy to tell apart from other species and Russet-Crowned Motmot is no exception. Read more [New!]

* Gardening in Paradise Column ©:

gardening_homeGardening in Paradise (Puerto Vallarta)Just because a plant grows well in San Francisco or Montreal does not mean it is going to thrive in the tropical conditions we have here. They are just like us people, some do well in hot humid weather and some just can’t stand it. Lilacs, peonies and russet potatoes love it when they are in a colder climate. Read more [New!]


Great News!… now you can list your property for sale on our Real Estate By-Onwer. Affordable and it runs until you sell. Contact us at:


pvsmile_home6 Benefits of Implant Supported DenturesAs an adult, worse than suffering the loss of a single tooth due to an accident of some sort, losing all your natural teeth can be heart-wrenching and devastating; it robs you of a simple joy of life which is – smiling. Read more


* Photo of the Week (Saturday 23 to March Friday 01)

Partial view of Marina Vallarta Club de Gilf - Photo by Harvest

Partial view of Marina Vallarta Club de Golf – Photo by Harvest

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