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Welcome to our present version of PVMirror published by Harvest Estudio.  Please remember that our January Articles are indexed below. Fantastic New Year!. If you want to read about Puerto Vallata Local News this Week (Saturday 19 to January Friday 25), please visit our City Paper Website. If you are interested in advertise with us, please click here .



* The PVMirror Art Gallery Guide ©:

dante_home4 Mexican Artists at Galleria Dante & Galleria AnDante – Israel ZZepda & Guillermo Brockmann, Alvaro Zardoni, Edgar Martinez. Friday, January 25th, cocktails 6pm to 10pm. Read News [New]

arte_homeWaterside Art Shows at Estudio-Café in Nuevo VallartaEvery Saturday morning  from November to May, along the malecón infront of the Estudio-café in Nuevo Vallarta, local artists exhibit paintings and sculptures. You can have a splendid breakfast or lunch while you enjoy the view of  boats sailing by and then stroll the waterside show. Read News [New]

amboshector_homeAmbos Galeria Presents: Héctor Jimenez PonceGaleria Ambos is excited to be showing the artwork of Hector Ponce Jimenez,  throught January 11rh to coincide with Basilio Badillo’s South Side Shuffle. Hector’s brilliant paintings are a mixture of ancient traditions and contemporary elements translating the everyday into the mystic and the playful, giving Ponce the perfect way to transport to his paintings all the characters that inhabit his dreams. Read News [New]

ambos_homeAmbos Galeria Presents: Vida y Silencio/Bodegones January 25th. – Galeria Ambos opens a new show Vida y Silencio/Bodegones on January 25th with the work of five artist printmakers, most of whom live and work in Puerto Vallarta.  Marcela Bernal, Nunik Sauret, Zina Sirutis, Ireri Topete, and Petru Voichescu. Read News

* The Painter Adventures Column ©:
painter_homeColor Theory, Practice 1You certainly do not have to be an artist to enjoy art. Artistic enjoyment is freely available all around us, at least in Vallarta. I hereby suggest the following practice. On one of those occasions  when movie theatres offer nothing worth seeing, take a car ride anyway: at around six in the afternoon is a good time to start. Read Article


eduardo_homeThings a man will do for a beer…On Christmas Day I got up rather late but wanting to make it a special day. After breakfast I asked my friend and compadre Chopon to go with me to Nuevo Vallarta. No. I insisted serveral times. No. Last call. No. Well, goodbye. Read the Story by Eduardo Rincón Gallardo [New]


tamara_homeCould You Eat What You Are Putting On Your Skin? – What did you put on your skin today? Moisturizer, sunscreen, make up, all of the above? Many of us are aware of the need to take care of our skin; doing our best to prevent wrinkles, prevent aging and keep our skin hydrated, etc.  But did you know that you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth? Read Article by Tamara Jacobi


* Exploring The South Column ©:
exploring_homeA good year ahead for MexicoAs a new year begins, it is a good time to look back, and look ahead, to the future of our region and Mexico as a whole. What drives the economy, projects, and development of the Puerto Vallarta areas and the state of Jalisco, are connected to larger economy of Mexico itself. Read Article


The Los Muertos Beach New Pier was Opened!. Please click here to see fascinating photos taken by Julien Leveau.

Biblioteca Los Mangos13th Annual Auction. Please click here to read the news.

Shabbat Services – Friday – 6:30 pm. Feb 8th, and March 8th – at the Genius of Paco Gallery. No. 512 V. Carranza

* The PVMirror City Paper Weekly Edition:
222-citypaperFor Local News, please visit: http://www.pvmcitypaper.com/ our Weekly PVMirror City Paper Printed Version. Or if you prefer, please click here to visit This Week (Saturday 19 to January Friday 25) edition . Welcome to Puerto Vallarta!

* Expats in Vallarta Column:
expats_homeFinancial Services in Puerto VallartaIt is not uncommon for many expats to have questions and doubts about the Mexican banking system.  Here are some tips on how to get the best service out of the banking sector in Puerto Vallarta. There are two types of banking institutions in Mexico. There are banks and brokerage houses. Read Article by Luis Manuel Muñoz

* Vallarta Financial Mirror ©:
living_homeEveryone Living in Mexico should read this The New Global Economic RealtyMexico is in a unique position to reap many of the benefits of the decline of the US economy. In order to not violate NAFTA and other agreements the U.S.A. cannot use direct protectionism, so it is content to allow the media to play this protectionist role. The U.S. media – over the last year – has portrayed Mexico as being on the brink of economic collapse and civil war. Read Article by Intercam


home_heavenPuerto Vallarta Named a Top Destination for RetirementKathleen Peddicord, Founder and Publisher of Live and Invest Overseas, has included Puerto Vallarta in her list of Best Overseas Retirement Options for 2013 as “Luxury Beach Retirement on a Budget.” Read Article [New!]

interliving_homeThe World Top Retirement Haven in 2013… Mexico is Number 4Health care, too, is good to excellent. (So good, in fact, that many Mexican hospitals do a thriving business in medical tourism.) Across the board, health care—including doctor’s visits, hospital stays, lab tests, and devices—costs a quarter to a half of what you’d pay in the U.S. Read More by International Living

* Mexico Financial Mirror Column ©:
investing_homeInvesting in Mexico – If you live in Mexico you probably already know the great advantages in Mexico’s economic standing and outlook. The Mexican Government has a budget surplus instead of a deficit. Also, the government has about 200 billion dollars in reserves as opposed to the U.S. which has over 16 trillion in debt. Read Article by Intercam


* Birds of Puerto Vallarta Column ©:
birds_homeCrested Guan (Penelope purpurascens)After having introduced some of the most frequent birds of the area in the past 6 articles, I believe there is time to become acquainted with some of the rare members of the local avifauna. Many less seen bird species tend to escape our attention by being tiny or drab or silent, or all of the above. Crested guan is neither. Read Article [New!]

* Gardening in Paradise Column ©:
gardening_homeOrchids, then and now – The story of orchids is almost like the story of the world. It is big, vast and has many facets. It is larger than the Lopez and Gonzales families combined. It is estimated that there are approximately 35,000 species of orchids in the world. This does not count the sub species and the hybrids. Read Article

* Fishing Report Column ©:
fishing_homePredictable Seasonal Changes, Tourism, High Season Begins! Happy New Year and welcome to the beginning of another High Season with a eye to the future while tourism continues to grow as we experience the perfect weather Puerto Vallarta has in January. As the extreme temperatures of the frozen north continue we see a major influx of visitors looking for the fun, the sun and adventure. Read Article


Las Palomas Restaurant now in a New Location. Read more


* Viewpoint Column ©:
viewpoint_homeA discovery about the famous US Baby Boomer generation…US credit writer Roman Shteynhas discovered some little-known facts about our baby boomer generation. Baby boomers are the first generation in American history to be entering retirement saddled with debt, including unpaid balances on credit cards.  “Experts” who predicted the lifestyle patterns and retirement for baby boomers, were not aware of the debit they have accumulated. Read Article


Casa Porto Fino
Porto FinoPrivate dwelling features every comfort imaginable; space, style, central air-conditioning and first class amenities. Private pool & jaccuzi, wide duel level terraces with ocean views, spacious bathrooms with walk-in closets, satellite tvs w/ DVD player w/ipod & usb jack, and a trained staff to take care of all your requests and needs. Located a 3 minute walk to the best golf course in Puerto Vallarta, Marina Golf Course and Club. Please click here ti visit Casa Porto Fino Website

Suites Marbella
Suites MarbellaVery conveniently located in the hotel zone of Puerto Vallarta, Suites Marbella is the ideal place to relax on a journey of pleasure and fun. With all the services and amenities of a hotel, Suites Marbella offers for your stay a comfortable and spacious fully equipped condominiums. Please click here to visit the Suites Marbella Website ……………………………………………………………………………

* Photo of the Week (Saturday 19 to Friday 25)

Partial Malecon View. Photo by Harvest Estudio

Partial Malecon View. Photo by Harvest Estudio

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